Thursday, 13 December 2018

Are AFCB good enough to be best of the rest?

Simon Francis made a reference to being disappointed that AFCB will have fallen out of the top six following the defeat against Liverpool. His target is certainly to try and get the Cherries back into that position come next May, and while AFCB have been in and around the top six for most of the early part of the season, is it asking too much for them to hold onto that kind of position?
AFCB have to make their effort now to stay in the race for Europe.
The teams above Bournemouth now include Everton and Man Utd. In previous seasons it would not have been realistic for the Cherries to be within a game of two of these teams after a quarter of the season, but the Cherries have done well enough that they are contenders, if outsiders, for a European place come next May.

With only one point between Bournemouth and their next opponents Wolves in 10th place it is seen as a crucial game to keep make some distance on Wolves. The same will be considered when Bournemouth play Brighton in mid-December. The gap will either open or close up and to stay in touch with Everton and Man Utd, AFCB need to get points in these kind of games.


A finish in seventh place would be a new record for AFCB and while Man Utd and Everton have more spending power, it is clear that AFCB have been playing well enough in the first part of the season to hang in with these teams' performances. The only worry now is on the injury front. If AFCB continue to pick up injuries at their current rate they will need to use more squad players, and Bournemouth's squad is simply not as deep as these bigger teams.

So would finishing seventh be a good achievement. I'd say it would be an excellent achievement, while even a top 10 finish must be seen as progress, if AFCB manage that in a season when they have not flirted with the bottom three places at any stage of the season.

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