Monday, 31 December 2018

No excuses - AFCB must improve says Howe

Eddie Howe was harsher on the performance at Old Trafford than he was at the Wembley defeat. Technically and defensively he said there was little to take out of the Man Utd defeat and Bournemouth were off their game.
Bournemouth have to get back on the pace.
I didn't like the goals that were conceded at Man United as they looked soft to me, and I think that is what particularly annoyed Howe. The goals at Spurs were more deflections and an individual errors, but the goals at Old Trafford involved the whole team making collective poor decisions. Crosses are not being blocked and when they do come in, players are free to get their head to the ball first. The protection for the back three was just not strong enough. Stanislas, Brooks and Surman in the middle is just not a good balance and the injuries have caused this problem, while Lerma was saved for the Watford match.

Bournemouth did not look in the game at United, even when they got back to 3-1. Keeping in contact when conceding first is not something that AFCB have been able to do of late. But the defenders need to start challenging themselves to work hard for clean sheets and have pride in what they do. At the moment there is perhaps too much expectation of turning in another poor performance rather than thinking of what a good platform the first half of the season has been.


Until the team starts to think positively they will find it hard to get out of their rut. So let's get them in positive mood for their next game. The big picture of 26 points from 20 games is much better than last season.

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  1. The problem is the managers loyalty to certain players who feel they are undroppable and this is his achilles heel.We are laeking goals for fun and stopped scoring at the other end.Wilson and King have had their heads turned by transfer speculation and the manager is afraid to give Mousset and Defoe starting berths is beyond me and the same for Mings and Simpson.

    I am afraid that we are going to plunge down the table and get involved in a relagation battle.I cant see where the next points are coming from.

    Maybe and its sad to say that unless the manager is prepared to shake up the team and not for cup games then even his position must come under review,We have a transfer window..lets mix it up..ship out a few reduce the wages bill to allow others to come in....lets give the youngsters a chance..Kyle taylor.Dobre

  2. Clean sheets .... If you gave my school team the time and space Man U got they (school team) would score a brace. No energy, no team work , the boys are consumed by form,shape,position; one man running at a time. Sit em all and let the 18's play.