Sunday, 2 December 2018

What did we learn from going up against the league leaders?

Every time that Bournemouth go to the Etihad they are given an extremely tough game. Getting on the front foot and making some attacks never comes easily against City and Bournemouth certainly tried to simply stay in the game for the first half hour in the latest encounter.
AFCB have to move on quickly from City defeat.
Bournemouth did try and frustrate City and Tyrone Mings was an ace card for Howe to play in forming a solid barrier as the Cherries lines up with five at the back. The problem was that Leroy SanΓ© was targeting Simon Francis on Bournemouth's right, and he was controlling the game with his explosive runs. Once City started to get in behind the Cherries, chances were going to fall to the opposition.

Bournemouth did start to play their way into the game and even before Wilson's goal there were glimmers of good play that could have led to goals from AFCB. It was going to be down to Callum though to take one of his chances, as King and Fraser were being tightly marked and were not finding it easy to break free. Wilson was finding space and you could see he felt he had the beating of Otamendi and Laporte. When his chance came, it was a surprise that it would be in the air around the penalty spot, but he anticipated the cross well and left the defenders well behind.


The goal could have energised Bournemouth. Instead, it was Man City that stepped up their game again. The difference in passing and decision-making is what undid the Cherries. City were relentless in their pursuit of getting the lead back and once they had it back, Bournemouth didn't find a way to react.

Bournemouth are not so good if they can't play their natural attacking game. Against man City you may be able to excuse Howe from not allowing his players to be too open, but the result was no surprise. Some times you need teams like Man City to have a bad day and this was not one of those days.

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