Tuesday, 18 December 2018

What will it need for AFCB to step their game up?

Steve Cook sounded very disappointed with the result against Wolves. He admitted that AFCB had kept the ball well during the game, but that it hurt that he and his team-mates could not pay back the fans for travelling to Wolves.
If defeat hurts, it's the first step to changing performances.
While Cook asks his team-mates to stand up as men and start defending better, the Cherries need to win back their confidence and start thinking how good they can be as an attacking team. But when coming up against solid defences the Cherries have been culpable of making their own mistakes and giving the opposition a start when they have been doing well themselves.

Against Chelsea they can't afford to start poorly and go a goal down early as in the current atmosphere they could start to go into their shell completely. Even when Bournemouth won against Huddersfield, there was no confidence that the side was back to its best. The strong performances really ended with Fulham away and a lot has happened since then.

Now Bournemouth have a much lower league position and an see several sides overtaking them. They have to use that as motivation to get back up the table. While the injured players can't be rushed back and the likelihood of January signings is still a few weeks away, it is down to the current crop of players to offer better performances now. If that means doing extra hours or watching videos of how to avoid some of the errors that they are making, then however painful it is they have to go through it.

Eddie Howe has been in this situation before of a poor run and now he needs the fan and the players to come together and back each other to bring back the confidence.

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