Monday, 24 December 2018

Second half mentality is building at AFCB

Eddie Howe mentioned how pleased he was about the second half in particular against Brighton. We often see Bournemouth struggle to impose themselves after the break and to really take the game on whether they are level or in front, but there was a willingness not to concede in the second 45 minute period and there were some big positives from the second half.
AFCB had to kick towards the South end in the second half but they did it well.
Bournemouth had been struggling to score in games and the hesitancy in the play was still clearly evident in the first half. But with a goal lead there was more confidence quickly returning to the side, and with Brighton not able to convert their chances with Asmir Begovic playing such a big part, the speed and energy of AFCB's players started to thrive. When Bournemouth start to believe they can score with any break, they become a well polished machine.

The worry was that after the first half, would AFCB take a backward step? It was vital not to concede up until the hour when the first changes were likely to be made and having managed the game well in that period, I feel there was a stronger belief that the three points were there for the taking.

It is perhaps a help that historically Brighton have found it difficult to get points against AFCB and their fans rather took their disappointment out on the referee than getting fully behind their side as the game drew on. Bournemouth will have the same problem at Spurs in their next game but having had a win, AFCB's fans should feel more relaxed about the team taking on a top six team again, because the passing and creative play is beginning to take shape again.

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