Saturday, 29 December 2018

Charlie Daniels has to recover his form

The match at Wembley was a difficult one for Charlie Daniels. He was clearly culpable for the second goal and found himself detached from Kyle Walker-Peters time after time. It was sad to see, because Charlie hasn't become a bad player, he just hasn't got the legs to keep pace with some of the very best anymore in my opinion.
Charlie can up his game.
What does Eddie Howe do though? Daniels has been a first-rate servant for the club and I can only praise Daniels for what he has done for the club. But against Wolves he also made a poor judgement that cost Bournemouth their first goal. It is not just Charlie though. We have seen Steve Cook have similar games, and the mistakes are as common place as ever when Bournemouth are playing teams that can punish you for choosing the wrong pass or making a poor clearance.

If Charlie watches back his game against Spurs, he'll find it hard to enjoy many moments. He did try and make up for his mistakes though and came close to scoring with a header in the first half, while he launched a rocket of a shot in the second half that everyone half expected to take the net off the goal. Sadly, it wasn't to be.

Charlie has to come back from this, but he has to do it soon. We need a big performance if he is to play against Man Utd. It may be that Diego Rico is given some games to give Charlie a break, but I feel the time has gone when AFCB can rely on Daniels to play quite so many games. Something needs to change in AFCB's defence. It doesn't have to mean dropping Daniels, but he has to get a better game in if he is going keep his place for much longer. 

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