Saturday, 17 May 2014

FA Cup day - it could of been us!

Well, okay it was a long shot for AFC Bournemouth to perhaps come away with a victory against Liverpool in the Fourth Round, let alone going on to beat Arsenal at the Emirates stadium - we will leave that for next year perhaps. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves now do we. Still, FA Cup day has taken a bit of a pounding in recent years. The indignity of it not being the last game of the season last year was hard to take and that came after a certain Red Devil team not even entering the competition a few years ago - shame on them!
We'll look forward to the game today and next year's competition.
For me and only a few million other football fans around the world, FA Cup day is a special day when the family should gather around the telly to watch the game. Let's face it unless you are lucky enough to be a supporter of one of the teams or a corporate box sponsor at Wembley there is little chance of you or me getting such a seat on a day like this. Even many of the fans of each club in the final are likely to be disappointed. Still, I hope Hull City and yes it is still City and Arsenal have a great day and hold the FA Cup in high regard.  

It may seem a distant event for the Cherries to aspire to, but we now have a club that only enters the competition in the Third Round and does not have to win so many matches to get to a semi-final as Sheffield Utd and Wigan have proved this last season. Whether AFCB get the opportunity to go to Wembley in the FA Cup, League Cup or through the play-offs one day, I know we would love the chance to pack out that stadium and the odds of the club doing that in future years are starting to come down. We have just signed a player who has played in an FA Cup final and by obtaining such players the expectations of the Cherries must surely start rising higher. 

If I get to Wembley just once with AFCB I will ensure that it is a day to remember. I hope the Hull City fans in particular savour every moment, while Arsenal need to win a cup just to give us all a bit of peace and quiet about the media going on and on about how they never win anything. Well, Gooners perhaps it will be your day. But next year I fancy the Cherries to build on their FA Cup performance against Liverpool and get a step or two nearer to that special turf at HA9 OWS. UTCIAD! 

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  1. Could Have not Of! Pedantic, I know, but correct!