Sunday, 4 May 2014

Thumbs up on a great Cherries season

The end of season dinner is held tonight and while the defeat against Millwall has ended the campaign on a bit of a disappointing note there is much to be pleased about. The dinner tables will see a lot of cheer because the Championship is where this club has wanted to be for such a long time. Now that it is there though there are new goals and ambitions to be set and it is only right that the staff and players want to go further now.

To finish 10th with 66 points is a great credit to all and the clubs below Bournemouth include some very big clubs with much larger budgets and many star players. I hope that the people at the event tonight take that on board but more importantly the club's owners who will have had their own expectations and targets for what needed to be achieved.

We can finally draw a line under the first season back in the Championship, but some how I don't think Eddie Howe will be quite looking at it in that way. There are a few play-off games to come and three of the teams involved out of the four will still be opposition for the Cherries next time around. Every game will be monitored and if it adds a percentage or two of knowledge to what is already known about some teams then I am sure it will be a useful exercise.

While the team did not sign off with a win away from home the evening tonight should reflect on the style of play the team has shown this season, the spectacular goals and the games that they have won against some of the country's best teams outside the Premiership. Above all I will remember the support that everyone has shown for the club this season and the joy on people's faces when the goals went in some of those games. I fancy a bit more of that next season and I hope you do too.

There are some pictures from the Millwall match on Match Day Gallery now.

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