Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The FA - still looking for answers

Here's a little extra story for you, I just had to get this off my chest. I had a look on the BBC website today to see that the Greg Dyke commission, that is looking into how to make the England team more competitive so that it can win a World Cup, had come up with the idea that there should be a competition for Premiership and Championship B teams. The B teams or Development squad in Bournemouth's case would be in a league between league Two and the Conference or would be merged with League Two and the Conference. Am I going crazy or does it sound a daft idea? I just can't see how it could possibly work.

The number of teams involved would be too many and wouldn't it just lessen the power of League Two teams that would find Arsenal B and Man City B for example, now coming before them on the League pyramid. If I was a supporter of a League Two club I would be furious, let along a Conference team. It is hard enough as it is to get into the league and to climb the divisions but now you would have to beat the second teams of Man Utd and Chelsea etc. Surely this would kill all the lower league teams on one foul swoop, but perhaps that is what the FA want.

Oh, and meanwhile the big clubs get richer because their B teams are also getting the revenue that your Hartlepools and Accrington Stanley's needed to survive. 
No doubt TV money would be placed with the B teams over the York City's of this world.

I also wonder about the crowds as well. It is hard enough to get big crowds to lower division matches and if this proposal was tried do you think Torquay fans would be queueing up to see their team play Bournemouth B? If the FA need some ideas why don't they ask the fans.

I would rather see the B teams get more playing time if that is what they need by having regional competitions that ended up in final days at St George's Park where they could let school kids from around the country come and watch for free. It is the loan system that is wrong with the Premiership teams having too many players on their books.

I am gong to be even more controversial here. If the FA want a project to build up the nation to try and win a World Cup why don't they look deeper at women's football and ensure that our leagues grow and become the best women's leagues, so that we have more of a chance at winning that?  

If any one thinks the idea of a B Team league is a good one I'd like to hear why.

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