Friday, 23 May 2014

New shirt designs will be eagerly awaited by fans

I have not heard any announcement yet about the new shirt designs yet. Hang, on scratch that - I did not think the club would respond so quickly after I posted this story this morning, but as they have announced the dates of the new shirt release I had better now give you a link to their story here.

What  I do know is that a large order was placed back in August last year for them to be made in time for the start of new season. This batch of shirts will be the first with the new golden emblem which were said to usher in a new era for the club. As a whole I think the golden Dickie Dowsett logo has gone down well with the fans and I expect there will be a race on to get one of the first new shirts off of the production line.
Do you need a new shirt? Would you pay a bit more for the new shirts?
While the red and black is surely to feature on the home kit the choice for away and third kit is any one's guess, although the club has had a recent like for black to featured on one of the strips. I sent a quick email off to Max Fitzgerald in the Media Department to see if he would give away any secrets on the new kits but he has kept quiet so far - not even a due date, sorry. Green and shocking pink I hope the club stays away from, but I hope they keep the diagonal stripe on the away kit even if it reminds people of Crystal Palace, Many City or dare I say the Saints.  

I always find it quite incredible how the designers can come up with such different patterns each time. Still they manage to change them enough for us to think about by a new strip and there is something very unifying about seeing the same shirt around the ground. Having said that I kind of like it when I see the very old strips that I have long forgotten about. They are wrapped up in memories of seasons gone by and it's good to feel that the club has a bit of history about it.

Which players do you think are best to model the shirts this time round? I opt for Tommy Elphick as club captain, Simon Francis as Mr Dependable and wee Ryan Fraser as he always has a grin on his face. So what will it be sir or madam - the home kit, the away kit or the Third kit? I know you want all three don't you?

Today, we also have written a small piece on World Cup Chimes about the Brazuca - do you know what that is? 

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