Saturday, 24 May 2014

MatchDay programme is a Champion read

It is very satisfying to hear that AFCB have the best SKYBet Championship MatchDay programme. The award is further recognition of how hard the club is striving to be the best and while the price has remained at £3 the pages have gone up. More importantly, I think the content is very strong and there is a good mixture of fan comments, player interviews and Junior Cherry Fun.
Come and get your Match Day programme.
I do wonder if the skipper, Eddie Howe and Jeff Mostyn are often scratching their heads over what to say that would be different from each other at the start of each programme but I usually see fans with a copy of the book under their arms on a match day. When you consider that there are a lot of ways to receive information on AFCB now it is quite a credit to the media department that they still make the MatchDay programme a must read piece of the jigsaw. My favourite was the Liverpool FA Cup programme and I look forward to seeing big clubs in the programme next season.

Whether other parts of the media coverage on the club are as good I don't know. I think the experiment with YouTube has worked really well and the Spotif posts seem to go down well. As for Cherries Player, which is a football league device that all the clubs use, I find it of less value now. My main need for it comes with listening to some of the away matches that I can't make but most or parts of the interviews now are available by other means.

I do find twitter and facebook a great way of keeping up with what is happening at AFCB and for those who don't yet follow these types of Social Media I advise you to jump on board. At least we all know that the club values its paper based communication through MatchDay programme and it will be of interest to see how it changes to look of some of those pages next season.  

You can check on how AFCB has been doing with its social media growth on the Nineteen Eighty Four Website. The site records hits for the official club social media addresses on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google+. We could do with more people tweeting and facebooking to start climbing these leagues.

Michael Dunne will be releasing another All Departments' podcast today with Milton Graham. He was always good value to bang in a few goals, find out what he is up to now and what he most remembers about his playing days. I'll post the podcast on Cherry Chimes when it comes out and the All Departments' website is the first place to check.

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