Thursday, 1 May 2014

Who has been AFCB's best winger?

I have been assessing the performances of AFCB's wide men this season and have been very pleased with the play that they have produced. You probably expected to see Ritchie and Pugh play in those positions for most of the season but there have been a few additions that have really made the grade. The biggest among them for me is Ryan Fraser who has captivated us all with is frenzied leg speed and dribbling skill. I  was told by one of our supporters the other day that "you just want to pick him up and put him in your pocket and take him home as he is so adorable". I am not sure that Ryan is going to be tempted by such an offer, but he has seen a dramatic rise to the first team and has played more games than I expect he thought he would do this season.
Ryan has simply been on fire.
Ritchie has the class and the consistency will surely come.
I still believe that Matt Ritchie and Marc Pugh have thrived in the Championship with Ritchie especially getting the platform on which his talents so deserve to be displayed. I have been really pleased to see Matt taking on some of the free kick duties in and around the box and hope he will be practising over the summer.
Pugh will have much more idea about what he needs to
do in the Championship for  next season.
Marc Pugh may need to learn a few more tricks for next season as I am sure that the division is now well aware of his Cruijff turns. His heading ability has seen him get a couple of goals this season and he'll be wanting to see if he can do better next season.

Adam Smith showed he is ready to play a prominent role next season.
Mohamed must aim to make himself available for selection first and foremost.
We have not really seen enough of Adam Smith or Mohamed Coulibaly to make large judgements but I just hope that Coulibaly can have an injury free season and that Adam finds that AFCB is a club where he gets ample opportunity. 

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