Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mostyn gives clearest indication AFCB's growth is hindered

Jeff Mostyn gave BBC Radio Solent an interview earlier this week in discussing the possibility of AFC Bournemouth not managing to stay within the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations of £8m losses, with owner investment, when that issue comes into play. While that is no surprise to me having heard that the club made losses of more than £15m in League One I can't see how it can possibly do better in the Championship in one season to lessen those losses. We will find out in December 2014 when the clubs are audited. The big question is are the Football League and UEFA  just preventing ambitious clubs with wealthy owners like AFCB from growing and becoming more successful? 
Jeff Mostyn indicated that it would be difficult for the
Cherries to operate within the FFP rules and asked for a time frame extension.
It seems to be frowned upon to buy success but in football's current climate how else can clubs compete with the teams that already have the multi-million pound players? You can't impose a status quo on clubs aspiring to what others have already achieved and as Jeff Mostyn has hinted, the FFP regulations are perhaps going to punish clubs that want to grow.

I was also interested in Jeff's comments about the possibility of talks with the council on ground extension if the Cherries have another successful Championship season. It does not look like a deal with the Dean Court owners Structadene is going to be easy and a long term future in the Championship could well mean a new home for AFCB. A ground extension looks the preferred option at present with a permanent South stand just like the Steve Fletcher stand, but that is a lot of money to put into a stadium again that the club does still not own.

The comments of Jeff Mostyn indicate that the club is now looking very closely at its options and has not ruled out other answers to be considered at the end of next season. I would imagine that the penalties imposed by the FFP are hanging over the club along with many other Championship clubs and until we know how severe the penalties will be it is difficult to know how much more investment Maxim Demin is willing to put into the club. If AFCB want to become a profitable club it must increase its gates and that is the problem it is a chicken and egg scenario.

Manchester City have been quoted as likely to be find £50m for breaking the FFP rules, while AFCB would not be in such a high penalty bracket a fine of say even £1-5m is not something that the club would desire. Points deductions and transfer bans could also be a nightmare, particularly if they imposed mid-season.

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  1. Whilst I can understand, and agree with the reasoning behind the FFP, it seems totally unjust as you say, that a wealthy owner is penalised for investing in what is essentially his own business. To me, that is absolutely ridiculous. You're not telling me that PSG, Real, Barca, with the absolutely massive wages they pay, and transfer fees they pay, that they do this in profit. As with Manure, they have huge world wide following, but would still question their profitability, Perhaps someone can put me straight!! UTCIAD