Thursday, 8 May 2014

What is it about TK that we just adore?

For the first time in many matches I think there were more calls for a player to give the crowd a wave than Eddie Howe. Yes, TK was centre of attention for the Millwall away match as he got a start and the chance to impress having seen the Kermorgant and Grabban act keep him out of the team for several weeks on end. To see Rantie and Kermorgant together was something for everyone to look forward to. It is the little and large show that should really be effective. But there is not yet the understanding that Yann and Lewis have when they play together.

Tokelo gets a recall at Millwall.
Tokelo does not seem to mind though. He went on to that pitch giving no less than 110 per cent and while he did not score he pulled a very good save out of David Forde and was like a busy bee for most f the game. I am sure Eddie Howe will look to see him beef up a little in the summer and learn a bit more about his movement and finishing as he puts more of the final touches to his game. 

What was most pleasing to see though is that the Bournemouth fans have not got on TK's back. Yes, he could have scored more goals but he still wants to be that big success and with the crowd helping him by cheering his every move it should give him more confidence to try things and not be afraid of missing. In many ways I think it will be helpful to him in the end that Grabban and Kermorgant have done so well as the pressure is off him now a little and he has some time to develop his game with Jason Tindall and Eddie Howe.
Oh, Tokelo Rantie!
Top scorer next season? Well I can't guarantee that but Eddie Howe has chosen TK to do a job for AFCB and if it has not quite worked out yet there is no one who won't love to shout "Oh Tokelo Rantie!" if he can find his feet and start to deliver something extra to the team. I'll certainly be looking to see how he gets on in South Africa's friendlies that are coming up on the next few weeks.

TK gives a wave while the team goes through its warm up moves.

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  1. As a massive TK fan, I'm pleased he can now go away for a few weeks and REST!! True, he's not played many games lately, but that doesn't take away the everyday training that goes on. He's not had a break in about 18 months. I just love the guy, he gives his all, even if the team haven't fathomed out how to give him the through passes he desperately needs. You see him shaping up to have the ball thread through to him, and all the time, it goes somewhere else. Yes he misses chances, but GIVE him the chances, and he'll start to score. Lewis misses chances by the hatful, but that's ok, TK needs the service, to miss a few, and get his eye in, as Grabb's does. TK makes his own chances, plus those for others. I wonder how the percentages would work out for assists in relation to games played, between TK and Grabb's, I'd feel very confident that TK would come out on top. All that said, TK HAS to deliver next season. For me, the Yann and TK partnership is perfect, Yann is the sort of player to bring TK into play far more than has been the case so far. Millwall was an alround shambles, so I make no judgements on just one game, they need a run of games. Given those run of games, then come October time say, TK really does need to of made an impression with regards his goal scoring ability, because if he's getting games, and still missing, then I'd have to concede that he was indeed a poor buy. So with a good rest, a pre-season and a year in his new environment, I have great expectations, and the truth is, I don't expect for one minute to be eating humble pie come October!!! Now where's my knife and fork just in case :) UTCIAD

  2. I agree with Afcbpete, we have yet to see the best of TK and he will come through and be terrorising defences next season, as well as putting a few in the net for us. Lewis took time to settle and doesn't have an instinctive strikers finish, he relies on his pace and movement.