Friday, 2 May 2014

The Championship remains a thrilling league

While AFCB have had a pretty good run since the beginning of the year it has always been difficult to know where they might pick up points and where they would drop them. That is the Championship for you. It's unpredictable right down to the final games. I find it great that even now there are teams that don't know if they will be in the play-offs and others who don't know if they will be relegated and yet the season is almost done and dusted. 
We can cheer the boys on and say goodbye for the summer at Millwall.
At the top of the league it will be a simple battle of who gets the best result for Brighton and Reading and I have a sneaky feeling that Brighton may do it looking at how Forest were dismantled by the Cherries last weekend. I am more intrigued by what could happen at the bottom of the Championship. Birmingham have hardly been in the bottom three all season but find themselves there with a game to go. It really may depend on whether they can get a point at Bolton, because I can't see Leicester taking it easy in their last home game against Doncaster. Yet the final day often brings unthinkable results and if both Donny and Birmingham find themselves winning with 10 minutes to go I met start feeling a bit nervous in the away end at Millwall. Of course if Doncaster do fall then both them and Yeovil who came up with the Cherries last season will have just lasted the one season which shows you how difficult it is for a club coming up from League One in this division.

I must admit that I like to often be at home on the sofa for the last game of the season as you can watch the TV and that thrill of the cameras going from one ground to another as the scores change. I'll have to rely on the radio and the mobile phone if I can get a signal and I am not even a fan of one of those teams that are in danger or looking to get into the play-offs. We still want to know what is happening though and where the axe is going to fall. If I had to put money on it in the Championship I would sadly say that Birmingham may be the team to lose out, but what gives me hope for them is that they are playing away. So I am going to predict that they cling on to a point with Doncaster losing out on goal difference. Something about having a more southern may have led me to come up with that romantic forecast. Still we will have a party at the Den where both teams I hope can celebrate after the match and look forward to the next season.

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