Saturday, 3 May 2014

The final day of the season is here

It's been fun hasn't it? It has been my pleasure to give you my thoughts over the course of the Cherries first season back in the Championship for many a year. We had some lows but many more highs and I think AFCB supporters will remember this season as one of the greatest for the club in year's to come, even if it is surpassed one day by even greater achievements.
It's been a great. 

I don't want anyone to underestimate what the team has achieved this season. A team that has not been the most that costly to put together compared to established Championship teams has pushed for a place in the upper reaches of the division when many of us like me predicted that a good season would be to finish 18th or 19th. Eddie Howe sets the bar high and I hope that he sets it even higher next season. 

We head into the last game though not wondering what could have been or predicting what might happen in the future but just loving the moment and seeing our club doing well with plenty of smiles on people's faces. I will travel up to the Millwall game today to see a side that has re-written AFCB's history books and has had fun doing it. While I will miss seeing the red and black shirts in front of me for a few months I hear there is a lot of football to be played to the Samba beat in the upcoming weeks and if you keep your ears to the ground you will find World Cup Chimes has a few thoughts to share.

But before then there is a final round of games to go in the Championship and it is strange not to have a big weight hanging over Bournemouth's game for a change. It won't be as easy viewing in the Millwall end, but I hope that the Lions stay up because it is by far the shortest away trip for me. Still, I'll be shouting for the Cherries and if the outcome means another three points for the Cherries it will bring to an end a superb season that I hope we have the chance to celebrate just a little more at the Den, especially if Millwall also stay up.

My prediction is 2-2, but more importantly the inflatables have been packed and will be on show - see you there!

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