Monday, 12 May 2014

Three Premier league teams take the plunge

Well we all know that Cardiff City, Norwich City and Fulham have come down the join the Championship next season. For southern-based fans this trio of fallen Premiership clubs is a pretty good collection, considering Sunderland were on the brink a few weeks ago. Would you expect these three clubs though to be favourites to go straight back up to the Premiership or will some of the existing Championship clubs be better equipped?

Well, all three of the relegated teams get another huge parachute payment and while Fulham and Norwich look like they will have to sell a few high wage earners and reorganise their squad I feel that Cardiff have some very strong players that they could well keep. The Welsh team's recent experience of the Championship gives them a slight advantage as well I believe, although Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will see it as a new experience and a big challenge not least just to keep Vincent Tan from not only grabbing the headlines, but keeping him off his back.
Andrew Surman will have to discuss his future with Norwich.
How easy Norwich or Fulham will find the Championship is perhaps even harder to call. Fulham are said to have some very good younger players coming through and we may see them with a very different looking team at the start of next season, hopefully though not with Steve Cook. Our interest in Norwich clearly extends to Andrew Surman and his potential to help either Norwich or another club like AFCB again in the Championship. Having played in the Championship last season it may be the Andrew is seen as a good player to have back at Norwich.

Whatever these three clubs do though, AFCB can go into games against them with a lot of confidence now on the back of last season.

World Cup Chimes features Ashley Cole who calls it a day.

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