Wednesday, 28 May 2014

There's nothing to fear while the Cherries hold on to Eddie

A look at the line up of Championship managers shouts big names through most of the clubs. At AFCB I don't think Eddie Howe considers himself as a big name and yet everyone else on the south coast sees him as the special one, if you don't mind Jose. With Eddie you just feel that the club is in safe hands and that the goal is always to improve. But you never get that feeling that he feels it's job done. That is the message that AFCB fans are already getting across to the Saints' fans who had their fears confirmed yesterday when Mauricio Pochettino was appointed as the new Spurs boss, while Eddie Howe was short-listed as 12-1 for the Southampton job, but has already gone out to 14-1.
Eddie Howe has already turned down Southampton
before. I hope his loyalty is not tested again.
Yes, AFCB have shot up the leagues in recent years and have been great entertainment while they have been doing this. Much if not pretty much all of that is down to Eddie, even if he won't admit it. Without him you couldn't really have imagined the club getting to the Championship. He may not yet have the experience of Harry Redknapp or Steve McLaren who were the two battling it out the Premiership spot last weekend, but I wouldn't swap either of them or any of the other Championship managers for Eddie Howe. Why? Because Eddie has given the club direction and belief and everyone of those players and all of the fans have bought into his belief. The result has been to see a team that has excelled and still believes it has room for improvement.

We may sit here in two years time or more and be disappointed if the Cherries are unable to keep their place in the Championship. I don't expect that to happen though while Eddie is in charge. He puts too much of himself into the job to ever see his players under perform and while he is inspiring and willing all around him to give of their best, I don't see any of them shirking their responsibility. They all try even harder because it's for Eddie, and that extends to the fans in the stands. 

I hope we can always hold Eddie Howe as high in our regard for him as it is now as it rarely happens at a football club. It's easy not to like, not to applaud to pick fault or, just dismiss - it takes courage to say you believe in someone and in Eddie we have something to treasure. He is simply too valuable at this stage and to let him go to our arch-rivals. It would be more than most could take, so quickly rule yourself out of the Saint's job Eddie. UTCIAD!

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