Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Is Maxim Demin getting serious on a Premiership assault?

There are rumours of AFCB being interested in Georgios Samaras the Greek international and Celtic striker who used to play for Man City. While such a player would add far more aggression to the Cherries front line, I don't see him as anything like a like-for-like striker for the possibly out-going Lewis Grabban. Samaras is strong in the air at 6ft 4in and uses his power and weight with great strength to dominate defences. Such a front man would make a pretty fearsome strike force with Yann Kermorgant and really would make Championship club sit up and take notice of what AFC Bournemouth are doing.

The Greek star has been at Celtic for six years now and he just might be up for a new challenge. How far Maxim Demin is wiling to flash the cash is not clear but such a player would command a large salary having been at the top tier of British football. Samaras certainly has experience and that know how could be crucial in getting AFCB further up the table. With big earners set to come to the club one does speculate how much of a gamble is being taken to reach the Premiership? One of my friends is a Plymouth fan and he has often warned me to enjoy the good times but be worried of the club seems to be spending beyond its means. Argyle now languish in league Two with many of their former players now littering the Premiership and Championship, while they club they used to play for is looking for funds to improve Home Park.

Looking at the top six that made the Championship play-offs this season though, only Derby and Burnley could be said not to have a spattering of big named former Premiership stars in their line ups. With the signing of Dan Gosling already it indicates to me that Maxim Demin could be getting serious about his assault on the Premiership. The likelihood of potential moves for Samaros or Coventry's Callum Wilson are far from clear though and we still don't even know if Lewis Grabban will make personal terms with Cardiff City yet. Mind you, Middlesbrough or Brighton, to name two other interested parties, will probably come in with offers if Lewis does turn Cardiff down.


  1. Has this author ever seen big Sammy play outside of the Champions League? "Dominate" and "use his weight" are not usually terms you associate with the big man. He's a hero in the big games, just don't expect him to pull you out the shit when you're losing to a team 5 places below you

  2. As a Bosman, big Sammy would be a steal for any club. He has toyed with the tribute team in Glasgow ( the original team died of shame ). On the tribute team theme, you "Cherries" are to play them in a pre-season friendly, the team are absolute mince, but watch out for their fans. Best be prepared, send all the women and children out of town for the day, board up all shops, statues, museums and public houses, Manchester didn't in 2008, and look what happened to them. Oh yes, and please make sure that all police dogs in town have a rabies shot, just as a precaution, these fans will make a Viking invasion look like a picnic in the park.

  3. Wilson and Samaras, would be wonderful signings. For a start, you only had to see the stick Yann was getting from various defenders was a disgrace, especially as usual, the officials turned the other cheek, as in they were talking out of their nether regions!!! So we need cover for either or, who ever it is that plays. We know that Eddie rotates, and we need real quality throughout the squad. It's whether Samaras in particular can embrace that, or whether he thinks he's bigger than anyone else. Maxim certainly wants to get us to the promised land, of that there is no doubt now. The FFP rules are the biggest stumbling block for him, which in a sense, seems totally unfair....

  4. big sammy should be used as a left forward/winger. He is at his best when he is running at defenders. truly awesome. Dont expect him to score 20 goals plus and any team will be getting a very good player. He is also seems a very decent human being if that counts for anything. However there is zero chance he will end up at Bournemouth. Id expect him to end up in spain or italy at a top club. Good luck with your promotion push and please the sing zombie nation tune when the walking dead lurch into ur town. Love celtic x