Saturday, 13 December 2014

AFCB go top in a 5-3 thriller against Cardiff at Dean Court

Match Description

AFCB 5 v 3 Cardiff City 
13 December 2014
Attendance: 10,440 (including 1357 Cardiff fans)

AFCB had the chance to go top of the Championship if they could beat Cardiff by two clear goals or more if Ipswich did not get a result at Bolton, having seen that Middlesbrough had beaten Derby County earlier in the day. If that was not incentive enough there was also the knowledge that a good performance could land a player in the team to play Liverpool in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday night.

As it worked out AFCB did indeed win the game by two clear goals to reach the summit of the Championship but that does not tell half of the story. It was a goal fest! AFCB were also denied playing the last part of the match against 10-men with a disputed goalkeeper handball incident from David Marshall outside the box. Ritchie had a goal disallowed and Cardiff seemed to come back too many times and yet AFCB had been out of sight at half time. You can relive the action here.

Eddie Howe names an unchanged side from the win at Wolves with Brett Pitman keeping his staring place and the two substitutes that did so well after coming on in that match, Adam Smith and Yann Kermorgant remained on the bench. Russell Slade also kept Cardiff's starting line up the same as in their last game against Rotherham that ended goal less, but on the subs bench in came Harris and Eucele-Manga and dropped from their squad were Daehli and Morrison. 

Listening to match commentary with BBC Radio Solent - Willo and Kris Temple

Daniels takes on Morrision, Pitman has an air shot and Matt Ritchie scores on 39 seconds! John Williams says hello!! A deflection as it came across and it's 1-0 to the Cherries. Wilson over the top but the keeper is out.

Gunnarsson and Francis heads away. Ritchie has three goals in four games now. Daniels down the left. Wilson on the left in the box and Ritchie runs on to it but the shot goes into the car park over the South stand. Cardiff's big centre halves are not coping with Wilson's pace.

Le Fondre makes a cross and its headed out by Gunnarrsson. Cardiff enquired into a handball on Arter but it was waved away. Turner and Morrison are big lads but not quick at the back. Connolly cuts out a cross. Ritchie out to Francis and his cross is over Pitman but is out for a corner. Low to the edge of the area but Whittingham reads the step over routine and Cardiff are on the break. Brayford and Whittingham but Pugh wins a throw. Cardiff with Kim Bo-kyung finds Gunnarrsson but he hits it out. The ball is changed over - happens every week at AFCB games these days!

Connolly loses out to Elphick and Arter is clipped. Free kick to AFCB. Boruc has the ball. Cook sends the ball up but it's out for a Cardiff goal kick. Francis with Ritchie and Francis makes a cross to Pugh and Pitman gets in the way and Pugh's shot is scuffed into the ground. Le Fondre, Whittingham crosses but Boruc claims the ball.

Gunnarrsson plays the ball up to Jones but Elphick gets there first. Kim Bo-kyung is clipped in midfield. A free kick for Cardiff. Brayford to take on 14 minutes. turner and Kim Bo-kyung to Whittingham in midfield, Kim Bo-kyung again but he fouls Arter.

Daniels into Wilson and Turner clears. Francis to Ritchie and Surman. Wilson with a flick but it goes to a white shirt and Arter fouls Gunnarrsson. Le Fondre loses the ball to Francis. Pugh up to Daniels and back to Pugh. Arter back to Elphick and Wilson gets a nudge from Turner. Cook fouls Kim Bo-kyung. Whittingham takes the kick to the back post that Cook heads away.

Surman is on side but the ball runs out of play. Connolly goes in hard, Jones now and Kim Bo-kyung to Le Fondre but Francis wins the goal kick. Pugh had been caught out in the centre of the pitch there. Wilson on the right and Turner clears. Noone now past a few players and tries a chip, but it's off target. Wilson to Ritchie but Noone wins a throw.

Pugh infield and Elphick to Ritchie but Noone holds up Francis, Ritchie through to Daniels 35 yards out, Pugh to Daniels in the six yard box and Pitman's shot is blocked. and Kim Bo-kyung puts it out for a throw. Arter now but the ball comes off him for a Cardiff throw. Francis now and Brayford tackles back. Francis again and Daniels looks for Wilson but the ball falls to Arter and over hit to Marshall.

Cook plays a great ball to Ritchie Francis and Pitman, Wilson's snap shot goes wide! Corner to AFCB. Twenty five minutes gone and it's 1-0. It's cleared to Daniels and Ritchie's pass is cut out. Noone has a free kick. Pitman falls over with Turner's challenge. Pugh now and Daniels on the overlap and Turner clears the ball. Daniels is caught on half way by Kim Bo-kyung. Pitman over half way and Francis has a throw.

Jones runs into Arter, but finds Gunnarrsson and Kim Bo-kyung. Francis wins the ball and it's up to Wilson and Pitman over to Ritchie and is tackled by Morrison. Wilson gets an advantage, Pugh and Arter. Jones is flagged offside. Just 14 minutes to half time. Jones up to Noone and Elphick puts in a challenge and a goal kick is given.

The Cherries give the ball away to Whittingham and its too far ahead of Jones. Pugh has the ball and has a one-two with Arter and Noone intercepts and Surman is biting away around him. Le Fondre and diving header from Elphick away. "Cardiff look flat," says Kris Temple. Whittingham to Kim Bo-kyung and Surman heads out, Noone about to pull the trigger and Ritchie puts it out for a corner.

Whittingham to take, left footed outs-winger, but Cherries head it away. Morisson and Turner to Le Fondre and away from Daniels and Surman a heavy shot but Gunnarrson's shot is gathered by Boruc. AFCB try a break but Wilson does not get away. Jones in the box and Cook makes a block and Daniels' clears.

Wilson to Francis on 38 minutes. Daniels on the left to Pugh and Connolly tugs at Daniels and it's out for a throw. Cook wins a free kick, still no bookings. Francis against Noone wins a throw after 39 minutes. Pitman loses the ball to Le Fondre and Cook gets away with a poor challenge on Jones. Turner and Pitman, Arter he tries the pass to Pitman but should have shot!

"Kim Bo-kyung is not going to last tracking the runs of Daniels and Pugh," says Willo.Surman to Ritchie and Francis to Wilson. Ritchie is surrounded though. Kim Bo-kyung's diagonal ball goes straight out. Surman to Daniels and three with him, Pitman and Pugh Marshall falls over. It's back to Arter and 2-0!!! It looked like the chance had gone and yet AFCB managed to be patient and Kim Bo-kyung made the mistake of running to the ball said Willo rather than keeping on Daniels.

AFCB in full control on 43 minutes, now 2-0 up. Have they learnt the lessons from the Ipswich match? Surman is pulling the strings. Pitman to Ritchie but Noone clears. Cook slips and Le Fondre and Jones scores! Cook slipped in possession and Cardiff get one back

Arter now to Wilson and Arter. Pugh gets a shot away and it's 3-1. A curling beauty from the edge of the box into the top right corner. AFCB are currently top of the league! The extra time added for the goal celebrations gave AFCB the time to get their third. It's 3-1 at half time.

Second Half
Kim Bo-kyung goes off and Harris comes on as predicted by Willo. Harris passes Daniels but it's out for a corner. The ball hits the side netting, goal kick. Ritchie now and Surman but Arter is caught by Harris. Noone's cross Boruc drops it but Daniels clears the ball off the line! Boruc did not see Jones and that could have been a problem. Elphick beaten in the air and Pitman clears and Whittingham plays it in and Morrison heads it in 3-2! "Not great defending, that," says Willo.  The ball was swung in from the left and the AFCB defenders were left wanting.

Surman's cross hits Turner. Wilson against Turner in a race and did Marshall hand ball that? Outside the box. the referee is talking to his assistant referee. No decision is made. "The linesman has bottled it," says Kris Temple. The fourth official is having a word now. The fourth official is on the pitch. Surely, Marshall has to go if he handled outside his area. No offence committed and a drop ball to AFCB. Eddie Howe does not look happy. A three minute stoppage and no decision!

Eight minutes gone in the second half. Arter now. Cherries have a goal kick. Ritchie up to Pugh on the left and Connolly clears. Francis down the line to Wilson and Turner wins the ball. Harris to Jones who should have passed to Whittingham but messed it up. Wilson and Turner slides in, almost a one-on-one. Surman to Pugh who shoots but its through to the keeper. Wilson slips. The crowd are calling for Kermorgant.

Elphick to Francis and back to Boruc. Brayford to Gunnarsson who knocks Arter over. Boruc clears and Noone and it's up to half way. Pugh to Daniels. "Pitman back to Ritchie - a great strike would have been a magnificent goal," says Temple. Kermorgant comes on for Pitman.

Free kick to AFCB. Surman is made to retake the kick with 60 minutes gone. Gunnarsson takes a long throw and Kermorgant and Ritchie clear. Arter clears. Whittingham and Francis at the far post clears. Noone now and Gunnarsson with Harris chasing. Daniels has the ball and Surman Francis cross finds Wilson but he can't get a shot in. Kermorgant to Wilson and goes down but no penalty and not for an handball either! Arter into Surman and it's over. Lot's of boos from the home crowd.

Francis on the wing and Noone wins the ball. Noone fouls Francis but there is no card! Surman and Francis. Pugh goes down and a free kick 25-yards out in the centre. Kermorgant bends it around the wall and it's 4-2! Yann goes over the wall and "Yann Kermorgant rings out!"

There's 23 minutes to go. Le Fondre and Gunnarsson makes a turn. Surman releases Kermorgant and Ritchie. Francis has the ball. Wilson down the centre. Arter skips past some challenges and Daniels now and Pugh and his shot is deflected to David Marshall. Kenwyne Jones comes off and Frederico Macheda comes on.

Meaheda up to the edge of the box and Cook stops him in his tracks. Harris is tackled by Daniels. Whittingham puts the ball behind. Wilson now but the ball goes through to Marshall. Brayford to Gunnarsson but Kermorgant has it and Pugh is up against Connolly but it's gone out for a goal kick.

Cook comes forward and Daniels wins a throw. Ritchie now, pulls it back and Yann Kermorgant is just kept out by Marshall. Noone has a shot and it was miles away from the goal. Last quarter of an hour. Arter give the ball away. Whittingham has a shot but Arter gets back to deflect it out for a corner. Cardiff attack the ball and Morisson scores again! 4-3.

AFCB have 13 minutes to hang on! Cardiff have not looked that dangerous from set plays but they have been lethal. "the Cherries don't do things easy," Yann Kermorgant.

Ricthie goes through to Arter, it's a great finish by Ritchie but he is off side. Pugh has a rising shot over the bar! AFCB need a two goal difference to go top of the league. The ball is given away by Surman and Noone was through but Boruc makes a terrific save!! Gunnarsson to Harris and the shot is blocked.

Noone and Gunnarsson gives it away. Daniels takes the ball away. Wilson and Francis outside him and Brayford makes a tackle. Francis' cross and Yann Kermorgant heads wide.

Cardiff have a corner. Right under the cross bar and Boruc punches away. Gunnarsson into the near post and the ball comes off Morrison. Adeyemi comes on and Gunnarsson goes off.

Steve Cook wins a free kick. Francis handballs and Cardiff have a free kick. All the big defenders come up, four minutes left. The Cherries win it in the air but Noone shoots and it goes out for a corner. Whittingham to take. Cardiff win the first header and the second one goes over.

Arter is caught in possession but it's a free kick against Noone. Marshall has the ball. Wilson on side through the middle and goes around the keeper - 5-3!!! "Wilson's goal drought is over," says Kris Temple.

Wilson now comes off and Dan Gosling replaces him. There are five added minutes. Ritchie with the ball. Daniels is in but hits it over. Ritchie gives him a telling off! Kermorgant gets an offside flag go up against him. "Were top of the league," rings out.

Turner puts the ball out. AFCB have to defend a free kick. Gosling clears the ball. Brayford sends it in but Boruc has it. Arter to Ritchie down the right and heads for the corner flag. Adam Smith comes on for Matt Ritchie. Brayford on half way and Turner. Francis wins the ball, Kermorgant to Pugh and passes the keeper No Marshall saves it!

Cardiff come forward and Elphick heads it away. That's it 5-3 and 12 unbeaten.

Boruc, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Daniels, Ritchie (Smith 90+3), Surman, Arter, Pugh, Pitman (Kermorgant 59), Wilson (Gosling 90).

Camp, Gosling, Smith, Kermorgant, Stanislas, Fraser, O'Kane

Cardiff City
Marshall, Connolly, Morrison, Turner, Brayford, Kim Bo-kyung (Harris 46), Gunnarsson (Adeyemi 84), 
Whittingham, Noone, Jones (Macheda 70), Le Fondre

Cardiff Subs
Fabio, Ecuele Manga, Macheda, Adeyemi, Ralls, Moore, Harris

Ref James Adcock

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