Sunday, 21 December 2014

I bet Eddie can't stop smiling

To be honest, every AFCB fan had a beaming big smile across their face on Saturday afternoon after either seeing or hearing of yet another outstanding performance by this Cherries team. The disappointment of the League Cup quarter final was swept away in a first half that saw the Cherries dominate a Blackpool side who simply had no answer to a Bournemouth team that was intent on sending out a message to those who might say that AFCB can't stay at the top of the Championship.
AFCB are not in a false position and Eddie Howe has plenty to smile about.
Earlier last week I recall Mike Parry of TalkSport suggesting that it was a temporary rise to the summit for the seasiders, but on the evidence of what we have seen at Bloomfield Road and St Andrews earlier in the season, the Everton fan is out of touch with the class team of the Championship. He may well take note now as many of the other pundits and commentators already have. But before AFCB fans think that the party is well underway, that is not the message from Eddie Howe who is merely focusing on the next game and not popping any Champagne corks. When asked by BBC Solent's Kris Temple if Eddie and the boys would be opening any bottles on the long journey home Eddie Howe gave a simple reply: "Are you sure? Are you sure? You don't know me very well, do you Kris. There'll be no bottles cracked open on the bus tonight. Not approved by me. For me it's all about hard work at this time of the year."

It means that there is lots of hard work still to come this Christmas for the Cherries as they seek perhaps not perfection, but certainly a large haul of wins that will help them extend their gap at the top of the league. The hurdles are coming thick and fast and while avoiding a potential character test away at Blackpool there is an equally massive test coming up on Boxing Day against Fulham, who put four past Sheffield Wednesday this weekend. 

I suggest you pull up a chair and get yourself down to the Goldsands stadium for some Christmas entertainment, because this Cherries side deserves the whole town's support now and not just the regulars. Cheer them on to three more points and give them the support they merit for setting the Championship alight. See you on Boxing Day!

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