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AS IT HAPPENED: Bottom of the pile Blackpool battered 1-6 by Cherries

Match Description

Blackpool v AFCB
20 December 2014
Attendance: 10,014

Well what would a defeat against Liverpool do to the morale of an AFCB side that had been dominating games before that defeat? The answer was that it would make them even more determined to top the table come Christmas and would stack up an incredible 50 goals after playing 22 league games. The team on the end of this today was Blackpool, who did their best with making the pitch hard to play on, but it did not stop Bournemouth's tide of attacks from rushing in over the sand-sodden pitch to wash away any resistance that Blackpool could muster. AFCB are on the crest of a wave and it's hard to know how teams in the Championship can stop them in this form.

Eddie Howe knew that his team were still top of the league going into this match having heard that Derby Co and Norwich City had drawn 2-2 earlier in the day. The pitch at Bloomfield Road was not conclusive to playing pretty passing football from the description that Kris Temple and John Williams gave on BBC Radio Solent, but AFCB knew what was needed if they were to regain their table topping position over Christmas. Eddie Howe reverted to the starting line up that took on Cardiff City the week before and it was eyes down to see if they could perform as well away from home against the bottom team in the league. Blackpool just made one change with O'Keefe coming in place of Jacob Murphy. 

Jason Tindall confirms the AFCB team news.

Match Description: listening to BBC Radio Solent - Kris Temple and Willo

Blackpool in white and tangerine today, AFCB are in their blue kit. It's windy and blustery. Blackpool get a goal kick. Blackpool denied by Elphick as Chris Eagles came forward. Foley into the box and Elphick and Daniels clear. Blackpool playing 4-1-4-1. Kennedy gets a cross in and AFCB clear with Blackpool offside. AFCB have the wind with them in this first half.

Perkins wins a free kick. Kennedy with a pony tail plays the ball out to Davies, but Blackpool lose possession. Elphick now puts the ball out - five minutes gone. Perkins on the left wing hits his cross wide. Surman now comes forward and Pugh loses the ball to Eagles. Francis clears up. Daniels into Pugh and cannons it in off Foley for a corner. Brett takes the corner. Ritchie has a snap shot but it's cleared.

Wilson to Arter and his cross goes behind. Wilson holds off Clarke. Francis now down the right and Arter takes a tough but O'Hara wins the ball. Pugh and Pitman's shot goes for a goal kick. Surman is hobbling a bit. There's a strange empty atmosphere at Bloomfield Road. Kennedy and Elphick comes forward to Pugh on the left. Nosworthy cushions a header. Daniels into Pugh and Pitman's though has a heavy touch and the ball is gone. McMahon beings the ball away and now Kennedy. Elphick barges into Davies.

Eagles to take the free kick on 12 minutes. Boruc and Cook clear the ball. Foley takes the throw to O'Hara. O'Keefe crosses and Pugh clears. Elphick powers a header forward. Arter on half way. Francis now and Arter over runs it to Lewis in goal. Blackpool's keeper, Lewis, hits the ball against Wilson! Daniels to Pugh and a good cross that Clarke heads away. Ritchie and Francis on the right, he goes back. Pugh 25 yards out, Blackpool clear.

Elphick puts the ball out on 15 minutes. Surman seems okay now. Pugh and Arter. Ritchie is surrounded by three Blackpool players but escapes. Pitman and Ritchie past Perkins and it's gone in! How did that get past the keeper? One of the tamest goals you'll ever see and one of the most delayed reactions you'll ever see," says Kris Temple. It looked like the ball had gone wide but it is 0-1 to the Cherries after 18 minutes.

Elphick is involved in some heading practise and Cook. Daniels is playing very well in these first 20 minutes. "Dodgy keeper," shouts an AFCB fan! Ritchie and Wilson lofts the ball in but Foley has the ball and wins a throw off Pitman. Eagles and Frances wins the tackle. AFCB still passing well despite the poor surface. Pitman is fouled by McMahon, free kick.

Eagles and Davies but Francis finds Ritchie. Nosworthy up to Perkins who has been playing regularly for Blackpool. Blackpool have use 34 players already this season and AFCB only 21. Volleyed forward by Lewis. Elphick and Arter and McMahon wins the ball and Cook up to Wilson against Nosworthy who gets a foot in! Ritchie and Francis and Surman. Daniels and Pugh now on the sand and its a throw off Nosworthy.

Elphick launches the ball in but Lewis claims the ball. Clarke and Wilson beats him. Daniels back to Surman keeping the ball alive and Pugh has a shot. A hash of a save but Lewis keeps it out ahead of Pitman. Pretty unconvincing from Lewis.

The Cherries have a throw with 27 minutes gone. AFCB knocking it around well. Foley now though but Arter and Cook clear up. Pugh now on the edge of the box but the one-two with Pitman went wrong. Too heavy a touch from Pitman.

Davies from Eagles hits a bouncing bomb of a shot but Boruc has it covered. McMahon back to Lewis. Long to Elphick and Ritchie to Wilson. Arter a chest down to Wilson beats one man and goes down. Wilson lost his balance as the ref puts his hands down. Daniels chests it down. Arter fires the ball at Francis too heavy! Ritchie tries to get AFCB to lift the tempo.

"The opposite of Wolves' hostile environment here," says Kris Temple. Arter through to Wilson but the keeper comes out and Elphick wins a free kick. AFCB trying to make races for Wilson and it is almost coming off for the Cherries. Some 12 minutes to half time. A few Ola's from the Cherry fans. Wilson and Ritchie back to Wilson. Wilson is on the deck and a free kick is given to AFCB.

The ball is five yards out of the penalty area. Cook and Elphick come forward. The ball comes off Wilson and it's a goal kick. Blackpool have a free kick but put it wide. The Cherries are playing the ball around with seven minutes to half time. Daniels and Arter attacking right to left. Pugh now as the Tangerines can't get the ball. Ritchie's shot goes off a defender and out for a corner. Arter to Pugh against Perkins but Nosworthy clears. A Steve Cook long throw. Blackpool clear. Cook to Wilson and Pitman makes a handball, diving forward with his arm and is booked for unsporting conduct! Blackpool fans chant "Cheat!"

Arter nicks the ball from McMahon, Daniels and Arter back to Cook. Pitman heads on for Wilson and Ritchie to Arter now Surman and Pugh hits the defenders hand, nothing the defender could do no penalty. Daniels hooks the ball back in and Wilson pouches the ball into the net!! 0-2. Daniels chased a lost cause and Wilson had a tap in. "Pugh and Daniels are a team within a team," says Willo.

O'Hara to Eagles. Foley now and Elphick back pedals and Blackpool have their first corner. everyone ran away from the ball. Davies lofted it back in to Clarke and Boruc saves with his legs, but the flag goes up for offside anyway. Just one minute of extra time added. Wilson against Nosworthy who puts the ball out. Wilson against Foley and it's half time 0-2.

AFCB had 69 per cent possession in the first half and eight shots with four shots on target. Blackpool mustered three shots, two of which were on target.

Second Half
Eagles and O'Keefe have come off for Blackpool and Delfouneso and Murphy have replaced them. Cook back pedals and puts out the ball for a corner with Davies in close attendance. The whistle goes for an AFCB free kick. Ritchie up to Wilson and Ritchie at right back to Daniels and Pugh, Daniels' cross and Clarke clears. Surman to Pugh and Lewis come out in front of Wilson.

Murphy against Daniels and Murphy wins a throw. Cook heads away. O'Hara to Kennedy. Pitman handballs it and a free kick is given to Blackpool. Elphick heads it away Perkins back in and Clarke has a go, but the flag goes up as Boruc has the ball kicked out of his hands.

Murphy up to O'Hara and Davies cuts in field and hits a wide shot. Delfounso is quick and beats Francis but Surman clears. Kennedy now across goal and Francis hacks it clear. Arter finds Wilson, but Kennedy has the ball and Davies is offside. Elphick has the ball long to Nosworthy and Arter wins the ball. Foley gives the ball away. Ritchie and Pugh. Francis coming across. Elphick's first touch and McMahon wins the ball.

Wilson now curves his shot and wins a corner with an hour gone. Blackpool clear. Wilson one-on-one against Clarke into the penalty area, Pitman goes over and it's play on Arter into the box, tees up Surman, now Ritchie right side and on to his left foot and Ritchie tries to curl one and makes it 0-3! "That was pure class from Matt Ritchie," says Kris Temple. "Top left corner, bends it round Joe Lewis."

Some 14 minutes gone of the second half and AFCB are 0-3 up. Darren O'Dea comes on for Nosworthy. A chance again down the other side of the pitch. Rugby tackle by O'Dea and he has a yellow card after just coming on. Chest off by Wilson to find Pugh. Arter turns away from his man and Pitman back to Surman, Francis. Murphy wins the ball. Delfouneso shoots and that's not a bad effort but Boruc is up to it.

Perkins with Elphick chasing him back and Francis and cook bring the ball away. Blackpool make a low cross but Cook makes a low sliding clearance. Bournemouth are not satisfied with three goals here. In it comes and Pitman defends. Cross comes in and Ritchie blocks for a throw. Blackpool loft the ball back in. Cook sees it out. O'Hara and a push on Ritchie, no play on and O'Hara into the box is parried by Boruc and Delfouneso puts it in 1-3. The Cherries claimed a fee kick in the build up but it's back to 1-3. Ritchie should may be have just got rid of that says Kris Temple.

Now it's Wilson at the other end and he's through and brought down. A penalty. Darren O'Dea pushes over Wilson and it's a penalty. An immediate chance for AFCB to restore the three goal difference. Pitman has the ball. It was a clear penalty given by the assistant linesman. Pitman now with a long run up and it's a fantastic penalty, but it's an encroachment and he'll have to take it again. Same side same result, Pitman scores to make it 1-4. It takes a lot of nerve to do that, bottom right hand corner.

There's a yellow card for Steve Davies there for some back chat to the referee. Pitman has a double clenched fist salute to the AFCB supporters. Just 23 minutes to play now. Blackpool clear. Ritchie has the ball who is still on a hat-trick. Substitution, Yann Kermorgant comes on for Pitman on 70 minutes. Kermorgant flicks the ball on to Wilson. Arter on the edge of the box to Kermorgant but Wilson is offside.

This is going to be 12 league games undefeated for the Cherries. Arter to Ritchie and keeps the ball in. Up to Francis in the area pulls it back and over the crossbar! Kermorgant had his final shot tipped over by the keeper. "We used to call this pretty football." says Willo."But it's devastating football. It's pulverising Blackpool."

Blackpool clear and Ritchie has a right footed cross. In go the heads. It comes to the back post and Marc Pugh makes it five! 18 minutes left. It's good that the left hand side of the team have scored a goal, says Willo. "As they have deserved it." It was a low angled header. The keeper was not the best today.

Wilson is coming off and on comes Dan Gosling with Kermorgant playing up front own his own. This season AFCB have scored 49 goals in the league. Elphick makes a clearance. The ball comes across the top of the box and over to the far side with MacMahon. A firm challenge comes in from Gosling. Pugh to Gosling down the side and Arter is in he shoots and it's 1-6. it's Harry Arter yet again!

Still 14 minutes plus added time to go. "We are AFC Bournemouth, we score when we want rings out!" The Blackpool fans are leaving. "We want seven is the chant." A volley from Blackpool goes out of the stands - a terrible shot from MacMahon. "This is Christmas come early," says Kris Temple.

Here is another change Adam Smith comes on for Marc Pugh, 78 minutes gone. Davies puts a good cross across the area. Delfouneso almost sneaked between two defenders again. Arter is almost playing like a centre forward now. It's an excellent performance today.

Smith to Arter and Ritchie up to Surman and Gosling, sideways to Kermorgant, Daniels trying to get on on the act, overlap with smith and tries to pull a cross back, but there were almost too many blue shirts there in the end. Ritchie on a hat-trick is denied by a flying save! A corner then.

The last 10 minutes. Surman to Ritchie and Kermorgant goes round the keeper and oh no he has missed an open goal. Off balance, the goal was gaping and it should have been seven! He's hit it over the top with his weaker left foot. A foul on Steve Cook. gosling loses the ball. Daniels back to Smith but Blackpool clear.

Back to the keeper Lewis who clears. Perkins crosses but it passes everyone. Smith tracks back with Daniels. The passing is mesmerising, Ritchie tries to play Arter through the centre, but Arter trips. Ricthie now and Daniels is fouled. Ritchie to Smith whose shot is blacked.

Arter wins a free kick. This is five metres outside of the box. Arter has had a kick in the nose. Three minutes left. A chance for Kermorgant. It clips the wall and will be a corner. Francis shoots wide.

Heavy ball back to Gosling and Cook. Gosling tries to get round a defender. It's out for a Blackpool throw. "Visiting places beginning with B is proving a happy Satrurday afternoon experience," says Kris Temple. Ritchie into the area tries a curler but it's straight at Lewis. Three minutes to be added on.

The ball has ended up in the Cherries net but the flag is up. Boruc up to Kermorgant and Francis. Can the Cherries get a seventh with a minute left. Francis back to Surman and Elphick. "Six, cant be greedy," says Willo Kermorgant to Ritchie and O'Dea clears. Arter to Gosling and Ritchie at the edge of the box with Arter and the referee blows his whistle. Six one winners at Bloomfield Road. A terrific response from the Liverpool defeat. Five goalscorers for the Cherries.

Willo says "It's the way they have done it. They have passed Blackpool to death."

Incredulous is the only adjective I can think of to describe the explosive, open attacking play that the Cherries are now making their signature for performances away from home. The players were queuing up in this match to have a shot on goal by the end of this game. even Tommy Elphick, the only outfield AFCB player who has not yet scored fancied his luck of getting one today. All I will say is well done to the Blackpool fans who saw the game out and applauded the Cherries off the pitch. I give 10 out of 10 to those tangerine fans who braved up for that. As for AFCB, take a bow. We move on to the Fulham match on Boxing Day - more work to be done.

Boruc, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Daniels, Ritchie, Arter, Surman, Pugh (Smith78), Pitman (Kermorgant 70), Wilson (Gosling)

AFCB SubsCamp, Gosling, Smith, Kermorgant, Fraser, O'Kane, Cargill

Lewis, Foley, Nosworthy (O'Dea 60), Clarke, Kennedy, McMahon, O'Keefe (Murphy 46), Eagles (Delfouneso 46), O'Hara, Perkins, Davies

Blackpool Subs
Orlandi, Delfouneso, Miller, Parish, Murphy, Waddington, O'Dea

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