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Rival Lines 2: Cherry Chimes chats to Oz if MillwallFC blog

Rival Lines
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Your are being spoilt today with a second Rival Lines that I have just received in time. Oz has kindly come back with some answers to the questions I sent out to him a short while ago, but the Xmas period proved a bit hectic for him so that is why this is a bit of an extra time Rival Lines. I hope you all enjoy it. You can visit Oz's blog at  Following Millwall FC.

CC: What is the general opinion about how Ollie is doing with the players he has at Millwall?

FMFC: Ian Holloway has tried them all and in different positions and they have not responded to him apart from Ian Gregory and a couple of others. It could be that the majority are out of contract in the summer and, with the constant changing of the team and the formations, the players are not to bothered in securing a new deal.

CC: With Brentford announcing a new ground, Charlton’s tie-up with Standard Liege and Leyton Orient attracting a new Italian owner, what of Millwall’s long term future can you survive in the Championship without more investment and do you feel like you are being left behind?

FMFC: I am not sure that I am worried about Millwall being left behind if it means that we do not get massively in debt. Our Chairman spends money but not the amount that could cause the club to fold if it all went "tits up" Brentford and yourselves can spend a fortune trying to reach the promised land but it can all go sour, it's along way down.

CC: What are the prospects for Millwall signing a striker or creative midfielder in January that can get you more goals – anyone in the championship, league one or two take your fancy?

FMFC: We will be looking in January to strengthen the side but, unless thing change, the new signings will be rotated just as much as the rest of the players, and I am not sure that we will gain much from any new signings used in this way. We need Lee Gregory to play regular unless he is injured and not be dropped for the sake of rotation. We need a front player that can win a header and show some presence and support Gregory and we also need at least another 4 or 5 new players throughout the rest of the team. Will we get them? I doubt if we will get two.

CC: Was it much of a shock that you came back to get a draw at Millwall as the team you have seems to make a habit of comebacks?

FMFC: We were for a time the "comeback kings" and at the time there was a belief that we could pull something back from any game we played but then the Boro' game came along and blew that belief out of the water. We were dire at home for the Boro' and the Bolton game and there was no sign of a comeback with either of them.

CC: The Boro and Norwich defeats must have been hard to take. However, you have had a good result against Brighton in recent weeks – can you see things turning around for Millwall in a positive way with the fixtures in January that you have?

FMFC: How will we fair in January? I think I will be able to ask that a bit better after the Bournemouth game. If the players have any shame after the rubbish they served up at Norwich on Boxing Day they will respond against Bournemouth and wear the shirt as though they are fit to wear it. If that is the case and they do us proud than January may be better for the Lions, if not League 1 will be our new home.

CC: Have Millwall some young players that are likely to break through to the first team soon?

FMFC: We have some decent young players that have already played in the first team and we have also loaned some out. Our young players are our jewels in the crown, but it worries me that the senior players or some of them at Millwall are not really playing for the shirt and that does not make a very good role model for them.

CC: Who do you feel has been your best player this season?

FMFC: That's a tough question. Danny Shittu has hardly played due to injury, Lee Martin is also injured a lot. Lee Gregory has done well and for a bloke who has come from non-league he looks like he wants it. Shaun Williams is decent and can win a game for us but he needs to be more forward thinking with his passes. I suppose it will have to be keeper David Forde even though he had a mare at Norwich. (CC - oh, yes I saw that!)

CC: What is your score prediction for the game?

FMFC: 5-0 to Millwall.......I wish. If the players have any pride whatsoever they can make a game of it, but if Holloway makes wholesale changes the players coming in won't have the fire in their bellies to make good the result as after all Norwich wasn't their fault. If I must give a prediction 1-1.

CC: Hey, Oz you can go 5-0 if you want. It's a funny old game and you never know what's coming around the corner, In the last two games AFCB have had against Millwall the Lions have come away with four points from six. So Ollie has had the upper hand against Eddie Howe and AFCB have to do better against sides like Millwall that dig in and fight like they did at Dean Court. Perhaps Ollie will use that to inspire his players today, but AFCB have never found Millwall an easy team to play against so I don't expect anything less than an end to end game today. Millwall have to play well today for their home fans after recent results and AFCB also need the points to stay top, so let's hope it's a cracker of a match.   

You can visit Oz's blog at  Following Millwall FC

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