Monday, 29 December 2014

This was Harry's game

It is always a special day when you are a professional footballer that has the chance to play a game on your birthday. When it turns out that you score on that day and help your team to a victory as well as end the year, with your club, clear at the top of the Championship, you wonder if it can get any better than this.
Harry is delighting the AFCB fans.
Harry Arter will have fond memories of his day at the Den as just about everything went right for him and AFC Bournemouth. It was especially good to see that Harry concentrated on his football and didn't get a booking as it would be easy for him to do that the way the tackles were flying in at times. "People listening or watching it would have put their money on me getting one, but we were told not to get involved," said Harry.

Harry's goal was another significant plus point. While he could not get a clean strike straight away it was pleasing to see him turn and keep three defenders away from the ball and still allow himself enough space to fire home his shot under pressure. Harry put it down to his "swivel" and was delighted to score with his right foot for a change.

Harry is certainly getting in the opposition's box more often and even in the final moments of the game he had a great chance to make it 0-3, but he just lifted his shot too high. As long as Harry keeps getting into such positions though his goal tally should keep rising.
Harry now has six goals this season, just one behind Pugh and Pitman.

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