Monday, 8 December 2014

The third round of the FA Cup is headed our way

Eddie Howe commented after the Wolves fixture that he was still getting used to entering the FA Cup competition with AFCB in the third round. It is quite a wait for the Cherries before they get involved these days and i think that gives the team a great chance of doing something special not matter who they face in the third round.
The FA Cup Third Round draw is tonight and Bournemouth are ball No 1
Harry Arter and Steve Cook also indicated that as long as AFCB get a home draw and a winnable fixture that it would be good to progress in the cup competition. It is apparent that the draw of cash at an away fixture to a Premier League team is not necessarily the draw that AFCB seek anymore at this stage of the competition. In past seasons it would be heralded as a good draw to get a team like West Ham or Spurs perhaps away, but such a tie would be difficult and dampen the prospects for progression. That is not to say that AFCB wouldn't want to take on a Hammers team or a Crystal Palace, Aston Villa or a top four club in the later stages.

It remains a dream for everyone in the third round draw to be involved when the games eventually lead to Wembley. Four clubs will get to play there from the semi-finals, so why not AFCB? I think you have to take each match as it comes but a favourable draw against non-league or lower league opposition is a good start if it happens. There will be a balance to keep now though in squad selection as AFCB have started to put themselves in a strong position in the Championship and that must remain the priority.

It will be pleasing for a bit of a break from the full-on games in the Championship and yet know that the club has plenty of quality players that we have not seen enough of this season who can try and break some of the club's FA Cup records this season. I'll be watching to see who we get, just like Steve Cook who has admitted that he will be nervous. Who do you want AFCB to play in the Third round? A minnow or a big team?

The draw is on BBC 2 tonight at 7pm.

UPDATE: It's Rotherham Utd away for AFCB
If you would like to listen back to a review of AFCB's away win at Wolves, visit All Departments' website or scroll down the right hand panel on this blog until you get to the All Department sound bar to listen. You'll hear my views and those of Michael Dunne on the red cards and the great comeback.

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