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Cherry Chimes talks to Wolves Blog

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Cherry Chimes talks to Thomas Baugh, one of the authors of Wolves blog, about his team's progress this season and the match against AFCB. Like AFCB, Wolves have plundered Coventry for a new striker but I think we might be a bit more pleased with our purchase at this stage of the season.

CC: You have been running the Wolves blog for quite some time so why did you get started?

WB: Yes, it's been nearly 6 years now. I started because I have passion for writing and have always loved Wolves, so it made sense to combine the two. Plus we'd just been promoted to the Premier League and it felt like the start of a journey. I was fortunate enough to meet a similar minded guy (Ben) shortly after and we've worked on the site together ever since. He's now one of my best friends too.

CC: Kenny Jacket has proved to be the right man to rejuvenate Wolves, but what do you think his best qualities are?

WB: He's tactically very strong, an excellent communicator and knows exactly how he wants his team to play. But arguably his best quality is his likability. Everyone I know loves him which has united the club (players, fans, board, etc) so everyone is pulling the same direction. You need that to be successful. I get the sense Eddie Howe is similar in this respect.

CC: Do you see much difference between the Championship and League One from last season in terms of quality?

WB: Someone once said to me there's not much difference between the top half of League One and the bottom half of the Championship. I would agree with that assessment. The difference in the Champ is individual quality. More teams have a player (or two or three) that can do something brilliant and win a game for their team.

CC: Would anything other than a top six finish be seen as failure for Wolves fans this season and where do you think Wolves will finish?

WB: I think we're capable of a top six finish so in that sense it would be disappointing to miss out. However, I don't think everyone would see it as total failure. A year of building to mount a real challenge next season wouldn't be the end of the world. Where we finish will depend on how fortunate we are with injuries to key players. With everyone fit, I believe (perhaps arrogantly), that few have a better squad.

CC: The match against Derby was a set-back but do you think it could work in the clubs favour in the end to keep them grounded?

WB: Maybe. We looked vulnerable in the games that preceded it though so a heavy loss against a good side wasn't entirely surprising. Confidence is a big thing in football so hopefully that hasn't shattered ours.

CC: Bakray Sako has been scoring goals for you this season how impressive has he been in his general play as well as scoring?

WB: Wonderful. In my opinion, there isn't a better play in the league. I certainly haven't seen anyone better yet. He can run with the ball, open teams up with a pass, cross, shoot and head. Can blow hot and cold but has been more consistent this season than ever in my opinion. Will definitely be in the Premier League next season, with or without Wolves.

CC: Have you been a bit disappointed with Leon Clarke since his move from Coventry City?

WB: Yes, he's been poor. Many didn't want him back (he came through the academy at Wolves) in the first place and he's done little to change opinions. We were a dynamic, pacey team last season and he is neither of those things. A low goal return hasn't helped his cause either.

CC: Do you think Danny Graham will be a good fit to get you more goals?

WB: Hopefully. He played well at Swansea, who like Wolves are a possession-based team, so he could be a good fit. His record in the Championship is also impressive.

CC: James Henry is one player some AFCB fans will remember as he has played on loan for us, but is he one of the players that are doing really well this season and who is playing well in midfield for you?

WB: Henry started the season on the bench but has worked his way into the side again and done well. He can drift in between defenders, cross accurately and has a good eye for goal. If he was a yard quicker, he'd be playing for a better team. Our entire team is focused on a strong midfield and certainly Kevin McDonald and Lee Evans are good technicians. Their defensive credentials are however questionable.

CC: Carl Ikeme must be some shot stopper to keep Thomasz Kuszczack out of the team, has he been one of your better players this season?

WB: Yes, he's a brilliant goalkeeper. Was a good shout for Player of the Season last year and doesn't give much away cheaply. Wouldn't like to see him out, even with Kuszczack to come in.

CC: Wolves have beaten some top teams at home like Blackburn, Norwich and Middlesbrough so have you been pleased with home form?

WB: Can't complain about home form so far. As I write this we've won 5, drawn 2, lost 1. That's top two form. Generally we've deserved those results too. Away form has been disappointing, particularly as we've got the pace to undo teams on the break.

CC: Which three teams do you think will go down this season - or should I say which other two teams along with Birmingham?

WB: Blues have been teetering for a few seasons. I just wonder whether Gary Rowett might save them though. It's nigh-on impossible to guess how the Championship will pan out at either end, but if you're pushing me I'll go for: Blackpool, Millwall and Rotherham based on the fact they have the least individual quality.

CC: Any advice for AFCB fans making the trip to Molineux for the first time - thing to see, what the stadium is like, where to eat and drink etc?

WB: I think the Billy Wright statue is well worth a look (outside the stand bearing the same name), which is one of the finest I've seen and a great tribute to a legend of the game. Away fans are normally stationed in the Steve Bull lower down the side of the pitch if they're bringing a decent amount or in the quadrant of the new Stan Cullis stand (behind the goal) if it's a small following. The latter probably provides a better view and better facilities. I think the designated away pub in the town centre is Walkabout. I drink in a pub called the Clarendon just outside the town (about a 10 minute walk from the ground) which is adjacent to the Banks brewery. I think they've started rejecting away fans if they're in colours, but it's a nice, traditional pub, so well worth a go.

CC: Thank you for chatting to us Thomas. I advise all fans of the Cherries to go an take a good look at Wolves Blog as it is a very well run site with a great deal of information on Wolves and how they are playing at the moment. I think Thomas is perhaps right in predicting Blackpool and Rotherham in his teams to struggle to stay up, but I suspect there will be a surprise or to and I could easily see Wigan may be even Reading come under real pressure to stay up. What do you all think?

For all those making the trip have a safe journey and try out the Walkabout pub and have a good look around the ground which is one of the biggest in the Championship.

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