Monday, 8 December 2014

Cherries show their skill to close out Wolves match

AFCB are now showing their good work in the last third of the pitch. Cutting down teams that get men behind the ball. The game against Wolves was not won when Rajiv van La Parra was sent off, there was still much to do in the remaining time to get the win. Bournemouth have not been behind in a game for some time now and without the need to hang on to a lead, the Cherries seem to find it often easier to be chasing a game rather than trying to hang on to a lead.

Wolves were another big team that put their bodies on the line literally to keep the Cherries out as best they could. Ikeme was also terrific in goal for them and he was kept particularly busy in the second half of the match. Bournemouth's overall dominance might not have looked so big if it had not been for the first sending off, but the effort by AFCB to closeout the game was top draw.
The Cherries are keeping the hard work going. 
It was a half time reorganisation that Eddie carried out to get AFCB playing on the front foot: "You could see they were desperate for the win and the crowd got with them. The crowd here is a big factor in potential success for them, because the huge numbers and I did not think we dealt with that situation very well. I was pleased to get in at half time and reorganise the guys and I thought second half, even before the second half that we were a lot better, a lot more positive."

That positivity saw the white clad Cherries camp themselves in wolves half and besiege the Wolves goal for a sustained period. The Cherries ended up having 67 per cent of the possession which was a total turnaround from the first half. The shot count was also extremely high after 90 minutes for an away game with the Cherries racking up 24 shots with seven on target. that compared to Wolves 13 shots and five on target.

"Our performance in the second half was of a very high standard," said Eddie Howe... " I thought we played really well, despite not having scored. We were knocking on the door and surrounding their goal. They could not get out. The game was really over as a contest. it was just whether we could score." 

If you would like to listen back to a review of AFCB's away win at Wolves, visit All Departments' website or scroll down the right hand panel on this blog until you get to the All Department sound bar to listen. You'll hear my views and those of Michael Dunne on the red cards and the great comeback.

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