Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Harry Arter is a rough diamond that's already sparkling

Harry Arter is perhaps a the most lovable rogue at AFCB. He always shows his passion for the club and the game and his will to win is not surpassed by anyone at AFCB. I was really pleased to see Eddie Howe come over to him at the end of the match in front of the Steve Bull stand and put his arm around the midfielder and give him a big grin. It had been another driven display from Harry Arter at Wolves and he had capped it off with the equalising goal to give his team the chance to get some points in a game that before half time looked to be beyond their grasp.
Harry Arter is starting to shine, but hopefully not to
the extent that he is a January target for anyone.
The half time talk was the inspiration for Arter and his team mates as Eddie Howe said that they should not want to lose their unbeaten record after not performing in the first half. That was the message that drove Harry on to help his team mates get the victory they so wanted.  

Harry is a fighter though. He was happy to battle it out in midfield against a strong Wolves team with McDonald and Edwards up against him and Surman, and AFCB came out on top. I was impressed that Harry managed to do that as well having already earned a yellow card as early as 30 minutes of the game. He is keeping his cool better and staying on the pitch, which is vital for AFCB's charge up the table. He has already proved this season that he can score spectacular goals as we saw at Watford, but again he showed fabulous technique to firstly negotiate his away around the referee, and then pick the ball out from his feet, and hammer home a low shot that span off one of the Wolves defenders into the bottom of the goal.

The celebration was something else to. If you want passion, Harry will give you bucket loads of it and his run over to the away supporters was too fast for Franno to even keep up with. When he slid in front of the fans, and punched his fist high in the air, you knew that Harry was more than just enjoying himself. He was giving the fans the belief and knowledge that the players knew that they can win this and to get behind them.

It worked too, because it was not long before AFCB were ahead and were leaving Molineux with all three points. Just as important, Harry Arter had kept himself on the pitch and Eddie Howe had trusted the player not to make another tackle that would get him carded again in the second half. It was a pretty good day for Harry Arter all round. UTCIAD!
Arter's winning mentality is a big asset.

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