Wednesday, 10 December 2014

AFCB's eleven unbeaten is something to be proud of

Eddie Howe could not praise his team enough on coming away from Molineux with three points and rightly so too. The unbeaten run has been extended to 11 games now and while the Cherries have not won all of those games the mental knowledge that they are picking up points in every game is building the momentum for a big season. As Eddie Howe says, "It sets us up nicely."

What is to come is hard to tell with the Cherries not yet at the half way point in the season, but fans can be confident that AFCB are playing confidently and can go to big ground like Molineux and not get overrun. The fans are also supporting the team well with some 1800 visiting supporters at Wolves. AFCB needed that kind of fan power for this game as well as even then it was a struggle for our supporters to make themselves heard at times. The positioning of the away fans seating was certainly beneficial for Wolves and it was quite annoying that AFCB fans could not stand while it was okay for the Wolves fans to be able to stand instead of sit.
11 games and still counting.

At the end of the game though you could see what it meant for the players and the backroom staff to come over and say thank you to the AFCB fans. To see so many supporters clearly gave the players a lift during the game and Eddie Howe even commented that he was amazed to see so many of our supporters. There is a ground swell behind the team now that is pushing them to achieve more and it is becoming a real pleasure to see AFCB play against top teams and to get the better of them.

The unbeaten run is now something that can be used positively to say how many can AFCB put together in a row. Getting a win on the road again is something that wipes clear some of the recent home draw disappointment and a back-to-back win is something that the players can now target going into the Cardiff fixture at the weekend.

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