Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gosling, Smith and Cargill were all AFCB stars

Taking on Liverpool is something that will be a special memory for AFCB players now as they head into the second half of the season. Doing justice to yourself and to all the hard work that has been put in is difficult when you have a night when all the nation's media is present watching the game and the pressure is on to perform. How pleasing then must it have been for Dan Gosling, Adam Smith and Baily Cargill in particular who are all not currently first team starters to have such strong games against Liverpool.
AFCB players run out against Liverpool.
Dan as we know has a particular habit of scoring in the Capital One Cup this season. With his famous FA Cup goal against Liverpool that was never was seen by many people, because ITV cut to a break in 2009, it was destiny that Dan would lash in another goal in front of the cameras against Liverpool, and this time we would all see it. Gosling is a player that I believe many AFCB fans want to see get more time on the pitch in the second half of the season as he does have the quality to create and put away chances, but finding a place for him to fit into the starting 11 is proving too difficult at the moment. His experience shone through against Liverpool and it must please Eddie Howe that Dan is a great option to have up his sleeve.

Adam Smith is another who just may be seen more in the team in the next few months as he is showing what a powerful and exciting player he is when running at defences, and he is lightning quick over the ground. Whether he needs to work some more on his defensive side is perhaps the only thing that gives Eddie Howe reason to hold him back from making more starts at the moment. Still, Smith is going to be pushing Daniels and Francis and keeping them honest on this performance.

Finally, I have to give a special mention Baily Cargill. This 19 year-old is some player and he will be going right to the top. He looked supremely calm and fully at ease even when up against Raheem Stirling. He also made some strong tackles, and read the game well to get into  good positions when making blocks and thwarting Liverpool attacks. If the big teams for come in for Steve Cook in January and AFCB can't hold on to him, it is good to know that the club has not only Elliott Ward on the comeback trail, but a young centre back who could fit in straight away in the Championship.

Such positives coming out of the Liverpool quarter final is something that enshrines a lot of confidence in what AFCB can do in the second half of the season.

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