Monday, 1 December 2014

Cookie on target again

I expect anyone running a book on which AFCB defender is going to score the most goals this season has already shut his book. Steve Cook is running up with the midfielders when it comes to goals scored this season and he might even beat a few of them the way he is going.
Cook is getting his rewards by getting forward.
Steve added another goal to his total against Millwall. The headed goal might not be the goal of the season but they all count and they are all valuable. It is great to see that Steve is getting some joy from being in the box at corners and free kicks and that he is seen as one of the team's best headers of a ball.

The second half was much more of a struggle for Cook and his team mates as Millwall ramped up their charge with countless deep balls into AFCB's box. Usually Cook and Elphick an deal with the majority of that sort of battering but in the end the ball fell to the opposition in good scoring positions and Cook can feel a little disappointed that another of his goals has not led to a home win.

Cook has set that he has set himself a little target to score a certain number of goals this season and I get the feeling that he is well on the way to getting there having picked up his third now.

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