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A five star Cherries' performance knocks Millers out of the cup

Match Description
FA Cup Third Round
Rotherham Utd 1 v 5 AFCB
3 January 2015
Attendance 5875 (including  556 AFCB fans)

Going away to Yorkshire to play another Championship side was never supposed to be an easy game and up until half time it seemed that way. Rotherham took and early lead and the Cherries looked out of sorts with Junior Stanislas making a mess of a golden chance. Still a late first half goal from Shaun MacDonald put the Cherries back on track and with Stanislas, Fraser and Yann Kermorgant banging in second half goals, AFCB showed again that their squad is full of goals and proving very hard to stop at the moment.

AFCB made nine changes with just Steve Cook and Adam Smith surviving from the last game at Millwall. There were some surprises like Ian Harte recovering well enough to start and Harry Cornick on the bench. I was also hoping that Macca would have a strong game. Steve Cook captained the side.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Joe Partington has been loaned out to Eastleigh.

Jason Tindall outlines the Cherries team to play Rotherham Utd.

Rotherham made three changes from their last game against Blackpool.In came Brindley, Pringle, and Green.

Match Description: listening to Kris Temple and Willo on BBC Radio Solent.

AFCB began with Kermrogant the single striker. Brindley plays in Clarke-Harris but AFCB clear. Arnason and Frecklington plays the ball back to Collin. Morgan now to Bowery and Frecklington to Pringle and Cook clears.

Steve Cook is on the right side of the two centre halves and he is right footed. Cargill is playing on the left side of Cook with Ian Harte at left back. Fraser finds Ian Harte. Gosling fouls Paul Green in the centre circle. AFCB playing with five in midfield.

Rotherham have a throw. Cargill puts the ball out. Arnason with the throw only finds Stanislas. AFCB have a throw. Brindley wins possession. Collin clears. Cargill wins the ball in the air. Cargill fires in a ball to Fraser. Stanislas now to the box and MacDonald crosses but Morgan heads clear. Adam Smith at right back plays the ball to Fraser who is fouled 25 yards out. Ian Harte will take the free kick. It hits the underside of the cross bar and post!! The AFCB players claim a goal but the flags stay down.

Bowery to Brindley and takes a deflection and it goes in - 1-0 to the Millers! 10 minutes gone, bottom left corner. Camp was beaten by the deflection. AFCB were done on the counter attack. The Cherries are behind to Richard Brindley's strike. Fraser now to smith who beats Pringle but it goes through to Collins.

Lee Camp drops the ball but Bowery fouled him. "Rotherham have not won at home since 17 October," says Kris Temple. Camp with the ball. MacDonald and Smith goes forward and loses his balance on the edge of the box. Bowery is tackled by Fraser on the break. Harte has possession.

Brindley with a throw. Kermorgant has the ball and Green goes over. Adam Smith loses the ball to Smallwood. Collin clears in front of Gosling. Green to James and Brindley to Bowrey but smith snuffs it out. Rotherham are passing through the Cherries. Morgan over hots the ball to Green.

Smith now to MacDonald but James wins the ball. Stanislas is in pursuit of Arnason and wins a throw. O'Kane gives away a free kick on Clarke-Harris. Pringle takes and Morgan gets a free header. Stanislas sees the ball spin out to the Rotheram keeper.

Kermorgant is fagged offside. Morgan with a header to Gosling and Harte forward to Kermorgant but Green gets there. Pringle loses out to Stanislas. Smith wins a free kick off of Pringle, 20 minutes gone. Harte to take the kick. It's over hit 0 goal kick.

Cargill to Gosling and O'Kane loses to Clarke-Harris who shoots side. "AFCB are not stringing passes together or finding and spaces," says Willo. "Kermorgant wins the ball and a terrible finish from Stanislas. On a plate, left footed he scuffed it terribly!" says Temple. "He should have scored," says Willo. Pringle is given a yellow card for a foul on Adam Smith.

MacDonald crosses too high. Ian Harte and Frecklington is offside. O'Kane, Fraser and Gosling to Cook. Smith to Fraser who shoots but is blocked.

Fraser again infield to Stanislas and James shadows him. Kemrogant to Smith and it's a tame shot that goes wide. Camp up to Stanislas and Gosling. Harte is caught in possession. Cargill tackles Clarke-Harris, but it's a corner. Pringle takes and Camp catches. Stanislas is offside.

Morgan at the back. 10 minutes to half time. Collin shanks it. Brindley and green with MacDonlad in on Frecklington. James to Clark-Harris but Green is offside. Fraser over to MacDonald. Gosling to Fraser and O'Kane. Bowery wins the ball but shoots wide under pressure from Cargill.

Kermorgant gives the ball away, but Brindley puts it out. Arnason and Cook clears. MacDonald makes a clearance, and cook also clears. Smith back to Cook. Cargill  over to Cook. Smith now and Stanislas on a run into the box and James gets there first.

Ian Harte square to O'Kane and Smith goes to Stanislas and Gosling before Morgan clears. Fraser 25 yards out. Smith into the area and Green wins the ball. Smith runs at Pringle. gosling to MacDonald and Ian Harte. Gosling into O'Kane and back to Harte and Pringle prevents a corner.

Kermorganta to Stanislas but Morgan clears. Kermorgant on his left MacDonald is in 1-1. "Patient approach play and Kermorgant with a slide rule pass and Shaun MacDonald finds the bottom of the net," says Temple. Not a bad time to score with 44 minutes gone. There is one minute of time to add.

Gosling clips the heels of Smallwood. It's half time. Not a great 20 minutes at the start but AFCB have got stronger as the game has gone on. AFCB have had 48 per cent possession and managed four shots and just one on target. Rotherham had five shots and two on target.

Second Half
Fraser wins a free kick. Stanislas runs away from James and Kermorgant's shot is blocked by Frecklington. Harte to Golsing and Fraser out to Smith and James and Pringle come away with the ball. Free Kick to Rotherham. A long throw from Arnason and Green has the ball and Frecklington shoots and it's a great save by Camp even though the offside flag has gone up.

Rotherham have a free kick. Pringle and Stanislas and Smith to O'Kane loses the ball. Clarke -Harris and Cook clears. Smallwood at the back. Cook slides in. Pringle again and Brindley on Rotherham's right. Pringle puts in a cross to Bowrey and Frecklington, but AFCB clear. Stanislas to MacDonald and Arnason clears. Cook loses out and Clarke-Harris has a chance but is kept out.

Pringle on the left back t James and Frecklington but Gosling wins the ball. Fraser wins a throw. Kermorgant to Ian Harte and Cook. Stanislas puts in a poor cross into the stand! Stanislas to O'Kane and Fraser on the left against Brindley back to Harte and MacDonald back to Fraser but Smallwood is in the way. Smith now in the box and a brilliant save by Collin for a corner!

Fraser and Gosling to Harte, back to Fraser and Rotherham have a throw. Stanislas is through and no mistake this time 2-1. Composure with his left foot and 1-2 to the Cherries. "Gosling's ball through was beautifully weighted," says Kris Temple.

Some 58 minutes gone now. Gosling has the ball. Good turn and he's clipped. Fraser down the left and he's over hot the cross. Fraser is on side but Brindley and Arnason close him out. Clarke-Harris goes over but it's a free kick to AFCB. Derbyshire and Skarz come on after 62 minutes with Harris-Clarke and Pringle coming off.

Kermorgant to Fraser and it's 1-3 to AFCB on 63 minutes. Clinical finishing from Fraser. "Rothetham were too square at the back," says Willo.

O'Kane gets a free kick and Smallwood is yellow carded.Kermorgant's through the centre and shoots wide! It could have been 1-4. Stanislas in space and Kermorgant is in- now it's four!! Rotherham switches off. "They have fallen like a house of cards," says Kermrogant.

A heavy challenge by Frecklington on Fraser. Frecklington is booked and Harry Cornick makes his debut for Junior Stanislas.

Free kick to the far post and Yann Kermorgant has made it five! The keeper half saved it but Yann was on the spot to finish. MacDonald slides the ball out. Still 17 minutes to go.

Gosling to Smith. James stops Smith and gets a booking. Cornick to MacDonald who tries to go around his man. O'Kane to Harte. Lee Camp clears. Smith brings the ball out and Cornck in the box. He's stopped by Smallwood.

Kermorgant goes through.left to Harte and Fraser who goes between two but Brindley makes the tackle. Rotherham now with James and MacDonald and Kermorgant chasing. James on the ball ad Frecklington sees his ball in cleared by Harte. James has a shot but puts it miles over!

Arnason and Collins clear. Derbyshire to Brindley and Cook and Cargill are in there. Bowery put in a ball to James but AFCB block. Pitman comes on for MacDonald. Rotherham are still trying to play the ball out from the back.

Smith and O'Kane. Smith dinks the ball into Pitman and Brindley puts the ball out for a corner. Smith and Pitman. Smith with a back heel but Derbyshire has the ball and Smith goes in on Green.

Kermorgant gives the ball back but Rotherham mess it up and the ball goes back to Camp. Cargill to Gosling and James has the ball. Skarz low cross is cleared by Cook. Pitman up to Fraser and Smallwood chases. Ian Harte and Cornick. Smith outside the box back to O'Kane. Pitman's ball is cut out by Skarz. Smith works hard to win it back.

Matt Ritchie comes on for Fraser. Ritchie with his first touch goes for a curler but the keeper saves it. Pitman to Smith but Rotherham clear to Pitman. Bowery is fouled by Adam Smith who gets a yellow card. Three minutes of extra time.

Brindley with a cross and Matt Derbyshire misses an open goal from four yards out! Over the top. Harry Cornick has a go but the ball goes out for a corner. Pitman hist the first man with the corner. Derbyshire is in again and he puts it wide.

Another competent performance by the Cherries with nine changes from the first team. That is quite a statement that Eddie Howe's teams are making with the goals flowing away from home again. The next round draw should be keenly anticipated by AFCB fans.

Camp, Smith, Cargill, Cook, Harte, Fraser (Ritchie 88), MacDonald (Pitman 80), Gosling, O'Kane, Stanislas (Cornick 71), Kermorgant

Flahavan, Francis, Surman, Cornick, Ritchie, Wilson, Pitman

Rotherham Utd
Collin, Brindley, Arnason, Morgan, James; Green, Frecklington, Smallwood, Pringle (Skarz 63), Bowery, Clarke-Harris (Derbyshire 62)

Rotherham Subs
Loach, Skarz, Wood, Richardson, Newton, Derbyshire, Yates.

Referee: Neil Swarbrick

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