Sunday, 18 January 2015

Callum is doing things right

Callum Wilson was happy to say that he knows that he is doing well when he is getting some stick off of the away fans as he did at Rotherham yesterday. He is a real threat in front of goal and even when he does not find the net he contributes brilliantly to the team. It is interesting that he is quite hard on himself when he does not get the goals, but he is a happy chat when he does get on the score sheet and feels that he has done his job.
Callum is looking good for more goals.
It was all about bouncing back at Rotherham and while the team did that it was also great to see that Callum got off of that lucky number 13 he seems to like so much for goals scored. To be fair I don't think that Callum has had many easy chances to add to his tally in recent games, as defenders are getting tight to him and often he finds himself up against two defenders because he is such a goal threat.

Now that he has found the net again I can't see why he can't go on to be the team's top goal scorer. He has the desire and the right attitude and if he can stay injury free he is going to have a fabulous season. His goal against Rotherham was perhaps a bit of a scramble and the persistence of Brett Pitman certainly helped provide the opportunity. Whether Callum prefers playing with Brett or Yann he has not given away, but he has shown that he can score goals when either of them are partnering him up front.
Callum's performances deserve a bit of clap don't you think?

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