Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cherries find winning rhythm

The result up at Rotherham should perhaps not have been such a shock. After all AFCB have been playing well and Rotherham are at the lower reaches of the Championship. But AFCB's team was not made up of players that are getting matches every week and you don't score five goals every time you go on the pitch unless there is something special happening at your club.
Getting into the zone. AFCB players get their passing game going.
Going a goal down was perhaps a reminder that AFCB are beatable and that somethings don't always go right. It is helpful in some ways for Eddie Howe that he can say to players that this was not such a good start to a game and that there are things to improve here. It's true that they say you learn more from defeats. But with so many wins you wonder what Eddie Howe can have left to say to his players at times.

Some players feed off being congratulated while others will be keen to know what they could have done better. But a slow start is not something that we have seen from an AFCB side for some time now. The result was looking very much in the balance before half time at Rotherham, before a sensational second half performance.

The passing rhythm is something that the Cherries are starting to get known for. When they start passing the ball quickly there is no better site. The emphasis has always been on the positive with Eddie Howe's sides and the flowing football appears very simple and yet producing it can be far from easy or every team would be playing in the same way. I am sure that a lot of the routines and training in twos and threes between the players is giving the players added confidence to bring training ground moves to the match day, and when that rhythm is found it almost becomes second nature to the players to pass and move into spaces that they create so effectively.

It is clear that excellent coaching is at the heart of all these displays on the pitch. 

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