Wednesday, 14 January 2015

No need to be down about one defeat in 15

AFCB fans will look back on the Norwich City game as one that got away. The AFCB players were far from out played though on the day and there is nothing to say that the team won't respond with a good win against Rotherham in their next match. The possession that AFCB had in the Norwich game was fairly high at 78 per cent and you would normally expect them to fashion out more chances than they did in their last match. But the performance was not dire or full of errors and there is reason to be confident that AFCB can get back to winning ways quickly.

The away games have really been the matches that have set AFCB apart from any of the other teams in the Championship this season. The Cherries have been doing exceptionally well away from home and scoring more goals than they probably have a right to. Keeping the strong winning mentality is what AFCB need now. Motivation should not need to be a major factor as the players just have to look at where they sit in the league and know that to keep winning is to keep on top.

It is rather satisfying that AFCB really don't have to worry what the other teams are doing. They can concentrate on what they are trying to achieve and look to find the best ways of getting their 'A' game ready for the next test. The first defeat in 15 matches is a fantastic run and while it would have been great to get to 20 games the team know that there is plenty of games left to have another go at trying to get on another strong run.
The Cherries will look to bounce back against Rotherham at the weekend.

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