Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Cherries have one of those nights as Leeds win 1-0

Match Description
Leeds Utd 1 v 0 AFCB
20 January 2015
Attendance 17,634

Apparently AFCB had not won at Leeds in six attempts, so tonight's result was not such a shock for some who study the stats. But this was a game where AFCB could have certainly got a point and maybe even three, even having seen Leeds go ahead with a well taken goal by Luke Murphy. AFCB had plenty of chances and while Leeds did the double on Bournemouth, it won't be many games when they lose having missed point blank headers, hit the post and missed a penalty. Even when AFCB scored it was disallowed. Still if we are disgruntled over a loss of 1-0 away from home at Elland Road, AFCB have much to look forward to yet.

Eddie Howe only made one change to the team that started against Rotherham. Artur Boruc had recovered well enough from his neck injury to take his place back in goal, while Ryan Allsop was on the bench having come back from his loan spell at Coventry City.

Leeds Utd dropped Antenucci to the bench, but they were otherwise unchanged with only Mowatt coming into their starting 11 as a replacement from their Birmingham match.

Match Description: listening to BBC Radio Solent with Willo and Kris Temple
The Cherry are in red and black tonight with Leeds in white. Brett Pitman charges down the first Leeds bit of possession. Steve Morison wins the first free kick, 40 yards out. Cook clears and Austin put the ball in but Artur clears and the keeper comes out to stop Wilson racing to the ball on the break. 

Cook wins a header and Byron wins it from Daniels and Cook concedes a corner. Pugh wins the header and Wilson goes against Taylor for 60 yards and scuffs his shot! Leeds are set up 4-3-2-1 says Willo. Daniels down the left to Pugh but Cooper wins the ball before Cook clears.

The Cherries have a throw. Wilson is flagged offside. AFCB are playing 4-4-1-1. Francis now makes a low cross and Taylor gives away a throw. Arter back to Surman and Cook. Arter wins back a ball. Pugh on the left runs at Wooton and it is hit into Wilson who strikes his shot against a white shirt and Surman trips a Leeds player.

Surman into Wilson and Supported by Pitman. Wilson square to Arter;. Now Pugh puts in a cross and Pitman's shot left footed goes just wide! Leeds were opened up there.

Morison has space and Mowatt and Austin heads over! Boruc made a finger tip save and Leeds have a corner. Murphy takes it and the Cherries clear. Boruc then regain the ball and Artur takes possession but makes the pass too far and Silvestri has the ball

Francis is then penalised for a challenge on Mowatt. Cook heads the ball out for another Leeds' corner. Elphicjk helps it out, back to Murphy a chance of a break out. Artur goes down and the Cherries have a free kick. Francis now on the ball and Elphick down the left with Surman to Wilson who beats Bellusci and Murphy blocks.

Austin on the break to Morison and Francis diverts it back to Boruc! it could have been an own goal but Francis did well o beat Mowatt to the ball, after 14 minutes.

Byram by the corner flag finds Wootton. Lewis Cook fouls Charlie Daniels and Lewis Cook is given a yellow card.

Wilson is held off by Cooper. Wilson is on the deck. Mowatt now on 16 minutes. Leeds are having the better spell. Leeds come forward with Austin. Byram back to Austin who shoots and Steve Cook clips it but the ref has given a goal kick. Pugh puts in a cross and Wilson makes a faint and Leeds put the ball down field.

Surman loses the ball and Morison to Austin who shoots wide. Surman had a nightmare says Surman. Willo says, "We need to make a change as we have two against their three in midfield". Some 20 minutes gone and "Leeds have been the brighter," says Kris Temple.

Tondall is passing some instructions on.Wilson has the ball but is closed down by three white shirts. Matt Ritchie has not really had a touch yet. Lewis Cook and Wooton, Byram crosses and Elphick clears. Artur now to Pugh. Francis has the ball and Riotchie on the right, but it has to go back to Elphick

Surman goes down but no foul. Murphy comes away but Taylor overruns it. "Leeds have not won for eight games," says Kris Temple. Leeds have a throw and Byram has it on half way. Lewis Cook and Wooten, up to Byram and Austin and a cross from Wooten but Morison heads it wide.

The passing has not been great yet from AFCB. Leeds are picking up the second balls.Morison to Mowatt . Shouts for a hand ball on Ritchie not given,and Murphy's shot is tipped away by his palm from the top corner. Bellusci is knocked out by a Pitman clearance, 29 minutes gone.

Surman battles with Morison and Murphy has it but Steve Cook makes Murphy put his cross in too deep. AFCB can't get going at the moment. Morison has the ball and his cross comes off Steve Cook for another corner. In to the near post and Pitman shanks it across goal! Pugh has the ball but Ritchie slips and Byram has the ball. Boruc comes out for the ball.

Daniels to Wilson and his cross finds Ritchie and plays it to Francis. Ritchie now back to Francis but Leeds break with Lewis Cook. Francis again and Ritchie wins a throw. Artur loses the ball but Daniels comes across to cover well.

Francis up to Wilson and Ritchie. Daniels on the left takes on Leeds and Pitman to Surman and Arter, then Pugh. Daniels' cross comes off Wooten for a corner to AFCB their first. Ritchie and Artur puts it back in. Wilson battling but Taylor clears. Pugh and Pitman can't catch up with the ball. 

Byram on the ball to Austin in space and Murphy shoots with his left foot into the AFCB goal on 35 minutes! One nil to Leeds. It flew into the top corner and gave Artur little chance bending away from Boruc. "Leeds probably deserve it," says Willo.

The Cherries have to try and come from behind. Pugh to Surman and AFCB build from the back. Arter to Wilson and his low shot and Pitman is offside on the rebound and is denied by the flag! The goal is chalked off after 39 minutes.

Leeds down the right. Byram and Murphy loses it. Wilson and Pugh plays it in behind but put out by Bellusci. Francis attacks and Ritchie to Wilson and Pitman Francis to Pitman and Pugh knocked in by Wilson no - Silvestri has a world class save! Wilson knocked down the header and took the sting out of it. A golden opportunity missed.

Wilson is still shaking his head. He just headed it too close to himself. Three minutes left this half. Surman into Arter and Pugh against Bellusci. Arter and Bellusci clears. Wilson is beaten to the ball by Silvestri with a punch. Leeds win the ball off of Pugh. Steve Cook wins a throw. Two minutes of extra time.

Harry Arter and Daniels 30 yards out runs into trouble. Byram to Morison and the ball is cleared by Francis. Ritchie fails to capitalise and over hits the ball. Wilson and Wooten come together and off Steve Cook for a Leeds' throw. At half time it is 1-0 to Leeds Utd. AFCB have only had six shots and two on target, while Leeds have had eight shots and three on target. There is a bit of dispute whether Pitman was offside when he netted and the twitter pictures certainly suggested Pitman was onside, so perhaps the Cherries are unlucky to be one goal down.

Second Half
Francis loses possession straight away. Leeds clear from their box. Morison is tripped by Francis who receives a yellow card. Arter tries to dispute the decision. Willo thinks the ref was duped their. Arter hooks the ball away and then it's an AFCB goal kick.

Morison and Cooper plays the ball back to Silvestri. Leeds are offside. Boruc now has the ball. Austin gets support from Taylor and crosses to Wooton. Morison back to Byram but Pitman wins it. "Leeds still finding it fairly easy to get down the side of us," says Willo. Ritchie over elaborates. Pitman and Ritchie it goes under hist foot.

Morison to Lewis Cook and a poor ball in. Mowatt back to Wooton. Austin bashes it into the stands! A let off. Eddie Howe gets ready to make a change. Kermorgant is getting ready to come on. Austin's cross hits Francis and Leeds win a corner.It's short to Murphy but it is volleyed away.. Pitman heads the ball out again for another corner to Leeds. Straight into Boruc's arms.

Arter to Pugh and Leeds gets organised quickly. Arter looks for Pugh again. Arter to Ritchie and Francis puts in a cross. Wilson can't get there and it's a corner off Bellusci. Pitman and Surman is caught by Mowatt. Free kick to AFCB. Ritchie with the free kick. Byram clears. Surman goes over.

Pitamn jumps with Cooper and Silvestri out to Ritchie and Ritchie shoots but it's 10 yards wide! The Cherries now have a throw. Pitman will soon come off for Kermorgant. Wooton and Austin's cross goes out.

Golsing also looking to come on. A double substitution coming up. Elphick makes a good challenge and Wilson is fouled by Cooper. Pitman goes off for Kermorgant and  Gosling comes on for Arter, on 60 minutes. 

Wilson is in a race here down the right. He pulls it back for Gosling who leaves it to Kermorgant and it breaks down! " We'll do well to get a draw here," says Willo  Wilson direct root to goal and no one gets a touch and it goes through for a goal kick!

Wilson's pace is a real problem for Leeds." Ritchie keeps falling over tonight," says Kris Temple. Daniels and Pugh and Surman goes back to Elphick and Francis. Pugh with step overs and Kermorgant and Wilson has missed!!  A dink over the corner and it must have been a foot wide from Wilson.

"Wilson has missed two golden opportunities tonight," says Kris Temple. Kermorgant to Pugh back to Daniels is their a hand? No. Twenty five minutes to go. Leeds have not won for eight matches but they are in control here.

Billy Sharp comes on for Steve Morison. Murphy and Daniels puts the ball out. Kermorgant to Ritchie an Francis and Pugh. Golsing in the box back to Pugh and Daniels runs into Cook. Gosling to Kemrorgant but Byram breaks out and he's caught by Kermorgant.

Mowatt infield to Austin. Brouc gets the ball. Stanislas is warming up. Ritchie over to Pugh and Gosling shoots wide and high. Elphick has to tidy up. Ritchie back to Francis. Murphy wins the ball.Murphy again and Sharp shoots a long way off target. Ritchie is subbed for Stanislas.

Pugh falls over. Surman in the box runs into Bellusci. Only 17.5 minutes to go. Leeds have made this a difficult night. Elphick wins a free kick. Stanislas to Wilson and Taylor slides in and AFCB win a corner. Stanislas takes it. Elphick chases in and Mowatt clears. Daniels under pressure from Sharp plays back to Boruc and Boruc's clearance damages the AFCB dugout!

Quarter of an hour to go. Gosling in the centre and Pugh and he shoots and it bounces off Wilson's knee to the keeper. Gosling gives away a free kick. Murphy and Cooper and Mowatt. Pugh and Sharp and Cook. Cook down the wing, Austin's header and AFCB Cook clears off the line!

Gosling on a surging run to Kermorgant and the shot hits his teammate again and goes through to Silvestri.Austin pulls Francis back and gives away a free kick. Just 10 minutes left. Surman on half way and Elphick. Austin and Cook clears.

Pugh and Kermorgant. Pugh off the post! Gosling and Stanislas and eventually cleared. Sharp runs into Steve Cook. Wilson and Stanislas. Francis to Wilson. Pugh centre field and Kermorgant can't get hold of it. Sharp on his own and finds Mowatt. Byram back to Mowatt. Taylor on the left and it's a goal kick..

Byram gets a yellow for a foul on Pugh. Stanislas gets a corner as the snow falls. Surman smashes it into a crowd but it's a Leeds goal kick. Wilson is through and goes down - penalty and Bellusci is sent off. Kermorgant to take the kick and he hits the bar and over!

It's really not going for the Cherries tonight.  Sub for Leeds. Jason Pearce replaces Mowatt. Two minutes of normal time to go. Elphick down the right. Surman to Kermorgant and Wilson. and it's a goal kick. Elphick's ball forward goes out. There are four minutes of extra time. 

Sharp runs to the corner. Goal kick to the Cherries. Stanislas is closed down by Murphy and Sharp. Taylor and Francis back to Boruc. Wilson jumps with Pearce. Cook and Francis. Surman and Francis. Stanislas cross and Sharp is away again with Daniels in pursuit.

AFCB with Surman and Gosling. Stanislas to Kermorganmt and Wilson missed it! Pugh to Gosling and Elphick hits it overt the bar. That was a chance. Austin is subbed for Berardi. Silvestri clears long. Elphick forward. Stanisals and Francis to the near post straight to Silvestri.

On another night things could easily have been a lot different. Leeds though played well and worked very hard for their win. There were many opportunities for the Cherries to get something from this match but it just wasn't going to go in tonight. A missed penalty and a good goal ruled offside did not help AFCB's cause but Bournemouth never find it easy going at Elland Road. We'll put this one behind us. There's an FA Cup match coming up and the disappointment has to be dispelled quickly. AFCB are still in a great position.

Leeds Utd
Silvestri, Wootton, Bellusci, Cooper, Taylor, Murphy, Cook, Byram, Austin (Berardi 95), Mowatt (Pearce 88), Morison (Sharp 67)

Leeds Subs
Pearce, Sharp, Berardi, Taylor, Bianchi, Doukara, Antenucci

Boruc, Francis, Cook, Elphick, Daniels, Ritchie (Stanislas 72), Arter (Gosling 60), Surman, Pugh, Pitman (Kermorgannt 60), Wilson.

AFCB subs
Allsop, Smith, O'Kane, Gosling, Fraser, Stanislas, Kermorgant.

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