Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Howe wants more success with Cherries

It was very pleasing to hear that Eddie Howe confirmed that he was not interested in any job but the AFC Bournemouth manager's job having been linked to the vacant position at Newcastle Utd. Eddie has unfinished business at AFCB and if he can take the club further than it has ever been before he will surely be recognised as the club's greatest manager and to achieve promotion to the Premier League with Bournemouth and to go up as Champions is surely his short-term target for this season.  

Eddie Howe knows where home is. We are flattered
Newcastle Utd, but no thank you.
I expect many other managers who had Newcastle Utd knocking on the door would be tempted to jump ship, but what would that achieve for Eddie Howe. A move away from his beloved south coast and a fresh set of players to work with in a new environment and more than 10 times the amount of pressure to manage one of the nation's top clubs, knowing that he would not be given a great amount of time to succeed. It does not add up when you look at how settled he is at Bournemouth and how  well he and Jason Tindall works with Maxim Demin, Neill Blake and Jeff Mostyn.

In a few years time that decision may be one that finds harder to resist, be it Newcastle or another top side. At the moment though he has everything to gain by building his reputation with a side that he has taken on and developed, by adding a few players and forging them into a winning team. Risking all that to manager at a higher level, for a bug pay cheque, is not understanding Eddie Howe. Eddie has plenty of time to manage such clubs one day but he'll only ever get this opportunity to be the first Bournemouth manager to try take the club into the Premier League.

Even if it does not happen this season, Eddie has a strong bond with the players, staff and fans at AFCB. We all want to achieve together and Howe wants to get the very best out of his players. I also believe that many AFCB fans would value promotion under Eddie Howe as their ultimate desire and if any other manager came in to complete the job it would not mean nearly as much. AFCB needs Eddie Howe and it seems that Eddie Howe needs AFCB. Long may that continue. UTCIAD!

Matt Tubbs has also had his contract cancelled by Mutual consent. I wish Matt had been able to fit into Eddie Howe's plans at the club and wish him all the best at his next club.

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