Thursday, 22 January 2015

Keep competing and the Cherries will be fine

I think the last week has demonstrated just how tough the Championship is to win. Eddie Howe said earlier last week that having the Leeds fixture where it was moved to was not ideal but the best of the options available. I don't think he was getting any excuses in early, but geography does not give AFCB a helping hand at times when they are on the road to other Championship sides.
Sticking together.
A trip to Elland Raod is not that hospitable on a bright, sunny Saturday in March let a lone a snowy and cold winter's night in January. But that is what the Championship throws up at you now and again and for once the test was just that bit too strong for our lads. There is a mental side to the game that Jason Tindall drew attention to as well last week before the Rotherham match, saying that AFCB were enjoying the pressure of being top. Of course you would say that, but there really is pressure at the top and there is also pressure on those behind knowing that they must keep winning to hold on to those that are ahead of them.
AFCB players will be out to bounce back quickly
 with some fast starts in games now.
You can't choose when you lose and so it always comes as a bit of a shock when a string side comes out on the wrong side of a result, but it hasn't happened often this season and I don't expect it will happen that often in the remaining games. Leeds have the double against the Cherries but it will be hard for many other teams to achieve that. AFCB have to prove they are winners and they can only do that on the pitch.

At the end of the season there can be no hard luck stories. The best teams go up and the worst ones go down. AFCB will come back with plenty of fire I hope for their next league fixture and the challenge of beating a Watford side that has eluded them in the past should be a good test for a competitive AFCB side. Watford play Blackpool on Saturday first though and could be just four points behind the Cherries when they visit Dean Court.

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