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Cherries go clear with 0-2 win over Rotherham Utd

Match Description
Rotherham Utd 0 v 2 AFCB
Attendance: 9157 (624 AFCB fans)

The Cherries made their second visit to the New York stadium in a couple of weeks and while this result was not as big as the cup win, they well deserved the three points which takes them clear again at the top of the league. Tommy Elphick was perhaps the most unlikely first goal scorer as he opened his account for this season, and a second half goal from Callum Wilkson finished off a Miller's side who had made it much more difficult for the Cherries today.

Artur Boruc did not travel to Rotherham as he picked up a neck injury in mid-week and did not train on Friday, so Lee Camp resumed duties again at the New York stadium after playing their in the FA Cup Eddie Howe left the rest of the team unchanged from the staring lineup that lost to Norwich City in the previous league match.
AFCB Team news given by Jason Tindall.

Match Description: Listening to Rotherham commentary as AFCB Player was not working!

Wilson inside the Rotherham half get the ball to Arter and Elphick and Francis. Smallwood has the ball but Sammon is off side. Francis is tackles by Fryers. Green in the box but the ball was too strong and goes through to Camp.

Hammill shows too much to Arter and the ball is back with Camp. Daniels has a throw. Richardson to Ward but Pugh blocks. Ward to Richardson but Pitman wins the ball and gets a throw.  Pugh back to Arter and Pugh beats Barmby and is brought down by Richardson. Free kick to AFCB in a good position. Ritchie, shot scuffed as Pitman squared the ball.

Barmby has a shot skewed wide of the post from distance. Foul by Wilson on Fryers - a tug on the shirt. Morgan and Richardson to Smallwood and then Fryers. Hammill keeps the ball in but then runs it out. AFCB have a free kick as Arnason fouls Wilson.Pitman ran on to it but Sammon up ends him and it's another free kick. Wilson at the near post back to Pugh but Fryers blocks! 11 minutes gone.

Fryers inside AFCB half down line to Hammill. Barmby down the left and Arter wins the ball. Daniels and now Cook and Elphick to Francis. Lofted to Wilson but Arnason wins it and Rotherham have a free kick.

Richardson lofts it forward and Elphick clears. Surman to Francis and Wilson chases but it's out for a throw. Barmby to the byline and Paul Green heads it on to his shoulder and it goes over the bar! Good chance that.

Arnason with a long throw. It's headed away by Arter. Arnason cleared by Daniels and Richardson pumps it forward. AFCB clear. Fryers to Sammon and Francis gets the ball out. Francis defends well to get a goal kick. Cook picks out Daniels but Arnason intercepts. Ritchie has it and Pitman comes in but it deflects off of Morgan. Green to Hammill and Fryers in behind looking for Green but it's too heavy.

Sammon making a run against Francis and it takes a deflection and straight into the hands of Camp! Pugh to Pitman and he shoots but it hits Morgan in the chest. Arter and Surman Morgan heads the ball out. Clearance by Cook on 22 minutes. Arnason with a throw. Ward and Camp is alert to catch the ball. Fryers makes a clearance.

Hammill wins a throw. AFCB have only looked dangerous from set pieces so far. Wilson has had a disallowed goal. Arnason defends from Wilson and clears. Shot from distance is blocked by Smallwood. Arter out to the left Daniels and Arter to Pugh to Pitman and Francis puts a cross in and advantage to Rotherham Hammill ion half way to Fryers and Sammon to Hammill and Sammon's shot is blocked but corner to Rotherham.

Arnason gets his head there but Cook does enough and it's out for a goal kick. Free kick to AFCB as Smallwood fouls. Wilson against Morgan. AFCB throw. Rotherham now. Snow is falling! Sammon to Barmby and ball in to Hammill and Pugh covers. Arnason throws but its cleared. Wilson tries to get in behind but Smallwood clears, 30 minutes gone.

AFCB come forward. Hammill fouled by Pugh. Daniels and Pugh cuts infield. Wilson now to Surman in the centre to Arter and Ritchie, back to Arter. Surman and Arter. Ritchie round his man and round his man but hits his shot just to the wrong side of the post! It was a tight angle.

Wilson in space lays it off to Ricthie and Pugh's header is just wide! Agonisingly close to the first goal, but Pugh was leaning back. If he had got it back to Wilson it would have been a simple finish. AFCB have stepped it up. Morgan fouls Wilson. Pitman takes the free kick. Francis to Arter from deep and out to Daniels to Cook. Francis loses the ball to Barmby. Hammill loses the ball. Pugh to Wilson and Pugh back post - Wilson right foot - great save by Collin! Wilson should have done better there apparently. Arter shot far post, stabbed away by Arnason. Back in Arter shot blocked. Rotherham on the break but Ward loses the ball.

Daniels cross but no one is there. Smallwood a bit late on Daniels but gets away with it - goal kick. 37 minutes and still 0-0. Arnason lofts it forward and Elphick wins the header. Green heads to Smallwood. Green to Hammill. parried by keeper. Sammon sets himself but it's cleared. Sammon had a great chance but could not get a shot in. Pugh to Arter, kept in by Francis but the cross is blocked. Richardson clears. Arter ball in and Wilson is down in the area and no penalty is given.

Wilson behind and crosses it but just runs out of room. Pitman to Pugh and Smallwood clears. Ward gives it away. Barmby is up ended by Surman and a free kick to Rotherham. Surman is booked.  Camp collects the ball. Cook back to Camp. Wilson and Ward,. Sammon and Francis to Ritchie and Arter is fouled. Daniels to Pugh and Green wins the ball. Bamrby loses the ball as Pitman gets back.

Pugh to Surman and Daniels runs it out. AFCB have been on top so far, 43 minutes have gone. Fryers  and Green, now Barmby a descent drive but wide of the left hand post! That was 25 yards out and thankfully wide. Richardson clears. Ritchie loses the ball to Hammill. Fryers beats Pitman and Green back heels to Sammon but it is cleared again. Francis gives away a free kick.

Morgan loses out to Arter. Ward crosses to Green in the box and cleared to Fryers who moves the ball in but Camp claims it. Pugh is fouled by Smallwood. Daniels to take. Into the box and it is in off the post and Elphick gets his first goal of the season. 0-1 at half time!

Second Half
It is good to hear New York, New York blasted out over the tannoy! Sammon attacks down the right. Wad and Barmby finds Green to Richardson and Ward low cross stabbed clear. Smallwood to Fryers but Cook clears up to Surman. Francis infield to Surman and then Arter. Finds Pugh and Arter long to Wilson but it's out for a throw.

AFCB win a corner from a short throw. It's a deep corner but the keeper is on the floor and Collins is give a free kick, a bit fortunate there. Wilson plays the ball off to Surman and Cook to Daniels. Cook sweeps the ball to Ritchie but Fryers has it and Hammill. Francis wins the ball and Ritchie up to Wilson now around the keeper and taken out, but no penalty! Lucky Rotherham? Should have been a pen said the commentators.

Arnason stops Wilson again. Barmby had given away possession. AFCB turning the heat up again on Rotherham Utd., 52 minutes gone. Pugh and Daniels on the left. Ritchie now on the right to Francis. Daniels and Smallwood puts it out. Pugh is stopped by Morgan and clears to Sammon. Elphick finds Cook  Pugh to Daniels and Pugh on the overlap into Arter but Richardson clears.

Ricthie edge of the area, shot blocked by Fryers. Ricthie again to Francis and Pitman rolls his man. Pugh to Faniels and a low cross is cleared. Sammon is isolated up front. The ball comes straight back. Surman to Elphick and  AFCB have a throw.

Francis goes back. Barmby breaks with Hammill cross in to Ward and it bounced off his foot to the keeper - heavy touch! Rotherham make a sub as Newton comes on for Barmby. Milsom comes on for Fryers as well. Richardson keeps the ball in and the cross goes in and Hammill blocked Newton's shot from his own team mate!

AFCB have a throw. Elphick to Francis and Wilson is offside.Wilson against Arnason and Ritchie wins a foul off Smallwood. AFCB have not been allowed to take the free kick quickly. Collins holds on well to the cross from Ritchie. the long kick goes straight to Lee Camp.

AFCB have a throw. Daniels to take. Pugh to Daniels Pitman on the slide and Wilson crashes the ball in for 0-2. A real scramble and Wilson fired it in from close range. It popped up, as Pitman got the ball up, and Wilson was there at the right time.

Arter coming forward and is tripped. A yellow card for Smallwood. AFCB 25 yards out and just left of centre. Pitman or Ritchie to take. Pitman, through the wall and Collins watched it past the post. Sammon sees the ball cleared by Cook. Morgan and Richardson with Ward chasing around Daniels, but it's a free kick to Rotherham. Ward takes the kick and clears the bar by some distance!

Richardson low cross and Sammon was lurking. Throw to Rotherham. Arnason in his own half Francis wins it. Finds Pitman but the pass is not good. Francis cross and Morgan clears. Hammill edge on the area, shoots and Green shoots, but  Cook makes a great block.

Wilson is taken out. Yellow card for Milsom. Cook makes an interception. Great ball in from Smallwood and Sammon puts it wide from eight yards out! He got his angles all wrong! 

AFCB with Wilson. Ball into Ritchie but he can't control it. Francis now on 73 minutes. Arnason clears. foul on Ritchie by Hammill. Hammill throws the ball at Ritchie! Ricthie deep to the far post but it is a goal kick. Sammon finds Newton and Elphick covers. Rotherham make a sub as Bowery comes on for Ward.

Sammon is beaten in the air. Smallwood to Bowery on his chest. Green now cuts infield. Right foot to Richardson. Across to the far post and Newton puts the ball into the stand on his left foot. Lee Camp is down in the box possible cramp?

Wilson is replaced by Dan Gosling. Pugh running in but Rotherham clear. Bowery puts in a cross but it's a goal kick. Milsom puts in a cross and Bowery rising at the far post but Daniels does enough. Richardson to Sammon and Hammilll blocked. Bowery at the back post and it's headed away. Newton and Milsom and Green hits it over the bar!

Pugh makes a cross but there is no one there. Hammill concedes a free kick on Ritchie. Arnason with a long throw now. Rotherham pile players forward. Richardson to Green but AFCB clear with Pugh. Arnason under pressure loses the ball and then gets it away. 

AFCB win a corner with three minutes to go. Arter away from Bowery and Smallwood clears. Ritchie against Milsom and it's a throw to AFCB. Rotherham now with a throw. The ball goes through to Lee Camp. Francis and Ritchie on the chase. Newton is crowded by Ritchie and a free kick to AFCB.

Arnason and AFCB make a clearance. Five minutes of extra time. Francis and Pitman holds the ball up. Surman away from Newton. Morgan to Newton and AFCB win it back. Gosling to Pugh and he goes down a bit easy.

Yann Kermorgant gets ready to come on. Green to Richardson. Hammill turns but AFCB have it back. Pitman finds Ritchie and plays a ball in for Surman. Arter playing keep ball. smith is also looking to come on.

Sammon is beaten in the air by Elphick. Francis intercepts the ball and the double sub is made. Ricthie and Pugh go off for Kermorgant and Adam Smith. Green to Milsom, but Golsing comes forward and Kermorgant shoots straight at the keeper!

Arnason on half way to Smallwood and Richardson. Gosling wins it and Kermorgant back to Gosling and Arnason wins the ball. There goes the whistle 0-2 to the Cherries.

The Cherries bossed this game in the end and took a strangle hold of it when Rotherham failed to take their chances. The Cherries proved too strong and had the good fortune to get their first goal right on half time. the Derby result surely gave the players plenty of incentive to get back to winning ways and the aim now is to get back to back wins with the Leeds match coming up on Tuesday.

Finally, there were a pleasing number of away fans despite the long journey and with the Leeds and Villa games coming up and having only recently played Rotherham. 

Rotherham Utd
Collin, Arnason, Green, Richardson, Morgan, Ward (Bowery 74), Sammon, Hammill, Barmby (Newton 56), Fryers (Milsom 57), Smallwood.

Rotherham Subs
Thompson, Broadfoot, Bowery, Milsom, Newton, Pringle, Derbyshire.

Camp, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Daniels, Ritchie (Kermorgant 94), Arter, Surman, Pugh (Smith 94), Pitman, Wilson (Gosling 79)
Flahavan, Fraser, Smith, O'Kane, Gosling, Stanislas, Kermorgant

Referee: Phil Gibbs

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