Sunday, 18 January 2015

Elphick is off the mark!

I had noticed in recent matches that Tommy Elphick was going up a little more often for free kicks and corners. Having seen all the other starting first team players score this season for the Cherries, he must have been wondering if he would ever get a chance to join them in celebrating a goal of his own making. At Rotherham he had the chance and grabbed it with a simple great header that sped in off the post.
Tommy finally gets his reward at Rotherham.
No more stick for the captain's absence of goals.
I always think it is good for a captain to score a goal. While centre backs may not be the most gifted players on the pitch it is surprising how often some of them find the back of the net, especially in the top flight. Tommy has waited though since the game against QPR last season if I am right, which does not suggest that he should be the one going up for set pieces that often.

Eddie Howe remarked that AFCB have not done so well this season from set-pieces when in the opposition's half and while the centre halves will always want more goals than they get in a season, I believe the deliveries of Ian Harte last season made AFCB more of a threat when looking to score from set-pieces. You can't have 12 players on the pitch though as Jose Mourinho was keen to point out this last week, and I believe that Eddie Howe would rather the team score from open play most of the time in any case.

As for Tommy. I bet he was talking about his goal all the way home to Dean Court on Saturday night. and why not too? Surely, it wasn't just down to the change of boots although we know Tommy is more than a little superstitious. You have to show others that you are captain for a reason now and again - well done Tommy!
I'm not sure it was all down to the new boots,
 seeing as Tommy scored with his head.

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