Friday, 30 January 2015

The season only really gets going now

It is a long way to the finishing line and the close proximity of so many teams at the top of the Championship doesn't make it any easier. Looking at the fixtures ahead of the Cherries everything looks pretty difficult once again. That is what a couple of defeats do to you in this league. Still, AFCB are still leading the way and to be there they have to have done better than anyone else this season. It's a new test now - 'Stickability'.

The pressure has always been on this team from the moment they started to climb up the league. But the added pressure of being shot at every week as league leaders is simply not something that AFCB's players are used to. I believe the FA Cup has been a good time to release some of that pressure and the match against Watford should now be something they can really focus on and look to get back to their best form.
Full houses all the way now.
The mood in training should be really one of concentration now. Watford are a hungry team that will be coming for the Cherries. That is not something that our players should feel overly cautious about or nervy, but they should see it as a great challenge that they can conquer. Watford are a team that AFCB have not yet beaten in the Championship and that heavy defeat at Vicarage Road last season is still lodged in the fans' minds, even if the players have done well to dispel it with the confident performance they put in up at WD18 last September. The Hornets are the kind of spoiler team that make this division a hard one to get out of. They have a knack of getting a goal out of nothing and keeping them quiet is not easy as they have goal scoring power just like the Cherries.

You can see why the cameras picked this game out to be televised. You are unlikely to see a nil-nil encounter for this one - there I have said it. Oh well, a draw would not be a big hiccup if it happens, but the home games are really important now and putting another top six side away is going to be massive in the table. 

Being an evening game will only add to a lively atmosphere and it is important that the fans help carry the team now. There will be a good following of Watford fans even on a Friday night and AFCB have to make home advantage count. Let's give our lads a big voice and get those three points. UTCIAD!

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