Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Rival Lines: 'They shouldn't have knocked down White Hart Lane'

Happy Christmas!

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I spoke to Harry at the Harry Hotspur website before Christmas to see how confident he was of seeing Tottenham mount a Premier League title challenge. Spurs' press conference have been dominated with Pochettino rumours but would they start to annoy the fans and the team as much as they were already getting to the club's press secretary?

CC: How worried are you about Pochettino being linked with Real Madrid and Man Utd?

HH: Significantly. Poch isn't going to have any money other than that generated from sales for the foreseeable future, which limits his transfer activity. In fact, it already has. We were the only club in Europe's top 5 leagues not to buy anyone in the summer.

Worse yet, by the the time he could reinforce, our existing best players will mostly be retired or in China.

CC: Do you feel that too much has been made in the media about the lack of signings last summer for Spurs or should Levy have spent?

HH: Not enough has been made. In any other business sphere this would be referred to as sabotage.

CC: If Harry Kane gets injured, can you see Spurs keeping pace with Liverpool and Man City?

HH: Curiously enough, we haven't experienced any dip in goals when he's been out. Which is a positive.

CC: How important is Son Heung-min to Spurs' attacking play. He seems to have come back stronger than ever?

HH:  He can produce some real magic, as well as quite a lot of bumbling about. He's certainly matured since he joined us.

CC: I'm almost afraid to ask - what is the latest on when the new stadium is supposed to be ready?

HH: It's an omni-shambles. They should have never knocked down The Lane. Hopefully there's a frequent typhoon in North London, it gets blown away in a billion pieces and we discover it wasn't insured.


CC: Has the Barcelona result changed what the outlook on what Spurs can do this season?

HH: Not really. This squad on it's day can best anyone, the only problem is beyond the first XI there's no depth to the squad and we've been plagued with muscle injuries which are produced by fatigue.

CC: What injuries have Spurs got ahead of the game with Bournemouth?

HH: Mousa Dembele was last seen been led into a glue factory; Eric Dier has an appendicitis, Jan Vertonghen has a thigh strain, Victor Wanyama has joined the Scientologists and Vincent Janssen is now working in a Butlins at Yarmouth.

CC: How do you expect Spurs to line up for this game?

Trippier - Alderweireld - Sanchez - Davies
Sissoko - Winks
Son - Alli - Eriksen

CC: Would you like to see Jermain Defoe get some minutes against Spurs at Wembley?

HH: Of course, lovely chap. And vegan.

CC: What is your score prediction?

HH: We will win by one goal.

CC: Thanks Harry for some intelligent replies as usual. I am not sure if Tottenham fans' cup is ever half empty or half full, but if they land their first trophy this season and hold on to Pochettino, I think it will be considered a breakthrough season for them and with a new stadium it should be exciting times. But with all of those things seemingly under threat, just beating teams like AFCB is not a given, and if Spurs stumble a few times along their way, it is teams like Bournemouth who are eager to get success against a team that has traditionally got the better of them where we could see a shock result this coming Boxing Day.

Make sure you read up on Tottenham at Harry Hotspurwho says Pochettino is nailed on to join Man Utd.

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  1. Hi, never been to this site before but seems like a good source for Cherry' s news. But I'd like to point out that Harry Hotspur does not reflect the opinion of the majority of Tottenham fans. The man is like the web version of Harry Rednapp (he had a moment of glory a few years back but now his only concern is self promotion - even if that means lies and controversial opinions on our club). For instance, delays in the stadium and the downturn in the pound after Brexit were the reason we didn't make any signings, the delays were down to poor management by Levy and team and Brexit unavoidable but "sabotage" - please. This guy is just looking for impact. Also, the starting line up he's given is the exact same one as stated against Everton. In this busy period, no way Poch would go with the same team, plus Dele picked up a knock. Any true spurs fan would know that. There are probably more mistakes but I couldn't bring myself to read any more of his drivel! HH is an imbecile and should not be connected with our great club in any way!!

    Good luck to Bournemouth and your fans. You play entertaining football and do things the right way. Lot of respect for Eddie Howe as well.

    Sorry for the rant but I think you get my point.

    1. 100% correct. Peter you’re a proper fan unlike the self styled HH (what gives him the right to misuse Sir Henry Percy’s nickname?) I’ve had a few run-ins with him and now, along with dozens of spurs fans I know, I refuse to visit his sad little excuse for a website. He admitted to me that he doesn’t go to matches, hence why he doesn’t care about the new stadium. If you disagree with him you’ll get abuse from him and his little (very little) bunch of sycophants who frequent his site.
      MikeySpurs (season ticket holder and proper fan!)

    2. Gentlemen.
      While I do agree with you generally about HH, may I suggest, respectfully, that this cherries site is not really the place to air such views.
      Peter has replied with a clear expression of the situation from his perspective. Let's show some class and keep this elsewhere.

      -Adrian (COYS!!).

    3. You’re right Adrian and I apologise to Peter and all Cheries fans if I went over the top. I married into a Bournemouth family (I’m there atm) so I’ve got more than a soft spot for the Cherries who are one of the greatest success stories of recent times. COYC and COYS!

  2. We have featured several Spurs' blogs on Cherry Chimes over the years and not just one. We are happy to hear all views. We approached several Tottenham Blogs this time and Harry was kind enough to answer our questions in good time. I don't think any blog is anything but a personal view. It is up to you which ones you follow and like about your club. Thanks for making your views known.

  3. I have to say I can support Cardiff Yid's comments about HH. Not that I wish the guy ill at all, simply that he does seem to hold fairly negative and self-aggrandising views when it comes to our club (Yes. Lifelong Spurs fan here).

    I also appreciate that this should not be seen as a criticism of your blog. It seems fine from what I can see. Also you have the same name as my brother so I can't be too critical can I?

    I always sign off with COYS!! but do so here with respect for your club & your blog. I hope it's a fantastic game tomorrow. I expect us to win, but I don't expect an easy game. I certainly don't expect the same starting line-up as for Everton but I have enough confidence in our magic manager to select the best from those available. I also expect fans from both sides, as well as neutrals, to be happy with the football played.