Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A bonkers game - but that's how we like it

Kris Temple on BBC Radio Solent said it all when he said to Eddie Howe,"that was bonkers, wasn't it?" The Premier League has had some crazy games in the last couple of weeks and the match against Liverpool was just as mad as the Swansea v Crystal Palace game the other week. Yet, it was a very different kind of game as Liverpool are up there fighting for the title and the Cherries just perhaps don't know how good they really are.

Just bonkers!
Liverpool will be licking their wounds after losing a 0-2 lead and a 1-3 lead. These are things that you just can't do if your team is to challenge at the top of the table and yet AFCB at home are difficult opposition. Jurgen Klopp himself knows the Bournemouth story well and he will not have wanted to add to the mystic around this incredible club that Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall are building, but even he had to smile at the way the Cherries did not know when they were beaten.
Liverpool were fantastic in the first half and fully deserved to be a couple of goals to the good if not more. When Emre Chan also smashed in Liverpool's third you would not have seen anyway back for the Cherries. Yet, the last 25 minutes were electric. They are the moments that will live with AFCB fans for a long, long time. It was Everton 3-3 again, yet this time there was time for a winner and when the momentum started to turn I don't think there was much Liverpool could do to stem the flow. AFCB fans can be intimidating at Dean Court when they get fully behind their side, and that pressure put to the players in a positive way certainly helped them and pushed them on.

Jurgen Klopp may say that Liverpool let AFCB in and that Eddie Howe's side took the opportunity, but he also knows that AFCB are a side who have very much built a togetherness that is familiar to Liverpool's great European nights at Anfield. It is a powerful place Dean Court, because special things have happened there are the players in the AFCB side know they have done great things there. What seems impossible is as we know very possible, but just hasn't been done yet. Liverpool was one of those 'haven't done yet' jobs, but it's now another one that Eddie Howe can now tick off. 

The defeats in the cups and in the previous Premier League meetings with Liverpool made this win all the more special and of course the way it unfolded, it could only be a bonkers way for AFCB to finally do it.

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