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Rival Lines: Burnley have played best against top sides, says No Nay Never

Rival Lines
Burnley v AFCB
10 November 2016
Podcaster Interview: No Nay Never
Twitter: @NoNayNever

It's time to catch up with Burnley FC supporters ahead of our game at the weekend and who better to ask about what is happening at the clarets than our old friend Jamie, at the excellent No Nay Never podcast. There is an up to date episode on the No Nay Never podcast that talks about the Bournemouth game so do have a listen. But in the meantime, here are the questions I put to Jamie and his responses.

CC: Have you seen much difference in the side to how it went about games in the Championship?

NNN: The approach is fairly similar I think - we're trying to sit tight in most games and nick a goal somehow. But obviously the quality of opposition is a lot higher, so our defence isn't as strong and our attack isn't as effective. We need to be more flexible.

CC: Is it all about home form for Burnley or have you got the players and know how to get away wins in the Premier League?

NNN: It is so far! But we can't assume that we'll get 35 points or so from home games, which looks like what we'll need if we're to stay up. At the moment it looks like a different team away from home - there's no confidence and as soon as we go behind heads start dropping, the belief just isn't there. It seems to be a mental problem as much as a team selection or tactics issue right now.

CC: Have you been surprised to get good results against Liverpool, Everton and Man Utd?

NNN: Yes and no - we got results against top sides at home in our two previous Premier League seasons. United looks a bit like a fluke now - Tom Heaton had the game of his life and they missed a lot of good chances - but against Everton and Liverpool we played really well. In fact we've played better against good sides than mediocre ones so far this season.
CC: Should Sean Dyche invest in another striker in January?

NNN: Goals are always key so it wouldn't hurt, but I really believe Andre Gray will score goals in the Premier League. For me, it's the supply line that isn't working well enough, not the personnel up front. Sam Vokes is on track to get double figures if he keeps up his form and Gray should be targeting the same. Jordan Rhodes has been linked in the press but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me - he's a one-dimensional player and Gray is better anyway.

CC: What have you made of Berg Gudmundsson?

NNN: I really like him. He had a pretty slow start but that was understandable as he was adapting to a higher league. But he's got a bit of everything. He's direct and a real threat, but also does all the defensive work we need from our wingers. It's a shame we don't have another like him for the other wing and we really missed him at Stoke - hopefully he'll be fit for Saturday but it looks unlikely.

CC: Which player is the one you can't afford to see leave the club in January?

NNN: Michael Keane is a key man and we're likely to have a lot of interest in him. But the club has already made it clear he is not for sale and Keane doesn't seem like the type of player to force a move, so I think we'll probably hold on to him until the summer.

CC: Are there any young players at Burnley that could break into the team in the next 12 months?

NNN: Dyche has no record whatsoever of bringing through youth at Burnley, so it seems unlikely. Teenage midfielder Aiden O'Neill had some game-time earlier in the season and appeared to be a decent prospect, but there's been so sign of him for a while now.

CC: Which side is the worst you have played so far and which three teams do you think will go down?

NNN: Hard to say really as all our wins have been close - we've not dominated anyone. Liverpool were pretty rubbish against us but we stopped them playing expertly and Crystal Palace were extremely poor defensively. I don't see Swansea staying up, Hull are going to find it hard and then anyone of about 6-8 clubs could be the last team to go. I'm going for Leicester though - their focus seems completely on the Champions League.

CC: What did you feel about the way the team played against Stoke City in your last game?

NNN: Pretty terrible really. Lots of fans thought the second half was positive and a big improvement, but Stoke shut the game down and we created almost nothing. It says a lot that a 2-0 loss with zero clear chances is being touted as a decent performance, given our woeful away form. There's a real lack of creativity in the team and nobody seems willing to take responsibility in the final third.

CC: How do you expect Burnley to set up against AFC Bournemouth?

NNN: No idea! Dyche went back to 4-4-2 last weekend and it didn't work, but 4-5-1 has served us quite well at home so it would be no surprise if it was Vokes on his own up front with Gray back on the bench. Whatever system it is, we'll stick a lot of players behind the ball and try and hit Bournemouth on the break.

CC: What is your score prediction for the game?

NNN: Despite being really poor away from home, we've been strong at Turf Moor so, as negative as I've probably come across here, I'm fairly positive for Saturday. Bournemouth can be got at if we press them right and we're due a clean sheet. 2-0 to Burnley.

Thanks Jamie for those answers. It is always fascinating for AFCB fans to see how Burnley are doing following Eddie Howe's association with the club and while it is a long way up to Turf Moor there will be plenty of hardy Cherries who fancy the trip to the northwest. These are three points which I think both teams will feel they can gain if they can play their best game, but it may come down to who can disrupt the other side best and knock them out of their normal game. I expect a close game but not many goals.

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