Monday, 12 December 2016

AFCB need to get in front in these games

For the last three matches AFCB have been trying to rebuild their way into games from behind. This can be quite draining on the players and will test their mental strength as well as physicality, but AFCB could have been in better positions in these games with some better decision making. The onus is on the players to take more responsibility around their own box to deal with threats better.

AFCB players train in front of hime supporters.
Playing catch up has been AFCB's downfall on too many occasions and yet opposition teams are well aware now of Eddie Howe's sides ability to take games away from sides in the opening quarter of an hour. Even at Burnley though, there were times in the first 15 minutes when AFCB were doing a lot of things right and were taking the game to the opposition. It still took a real moment of precision passing though to finally unlock Burnley's defence and that was in added time of the first half.

Controlling the game is all important at this level. You don't get as many chances to get back into games when you fall behind and against the best teams we have seen AFCB find themselves out of games in the first 20 minutes. At home though the team should be confident enough to be dominant and control the game, even if they are still level after half an hour or 45 minutes. The game is for 90 minutes and these early goals they are letting in are proving really costly.
When you score two games away from home you should be well in a game, but scoring at the right times is what wins games. AFCB are scoring late on in the last 15 minutes and while that will win some games it is difficult with all these slow first halves.

Against Leicester City the pressure will be on AFCB to get into them quickly and yet we know that they are one of the best sides on the counter. So there has to be some caution about how AFCB go about the evening game against the Foxes, especially after their recent win.

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