Sunday, 11 December 2016

AFCB still look shaky away from home

High balls into the box were not coped with by AFCB on Saturday against Burnley. Eddie Howe knew what Burnley were about with their direct play and AFCB failed to block it for much of the first half. Despite having the ball for much of the game, the power game that Burnley played just knocked AFCB's passing stride out and it was too much to comeback from the way AFCB started this game at the back.
Turf Moor - picture by Tim Aston.
The central pairing of Nathan AkΓ© and Steve Cook had their work cut out against Sam Vokes and later AndrΓ© Gray.  The heading competition was well won by Burnley and the high balls over the top are the way teams will try and get behind the Cherries, while they show they are not dealing with it. The back four has seen a few changes and it is still perhaps not right. The defence has to be much more solid away from home if AFCB are to start getting more points on the road, and in this game it was a bit of a carry on from the Liverpool home match in that AFCB seemed to be rather gung-ho at times.

It makes for attractive football to watch, but the goals against are mounting up. There were nervous passes at the back before Jeff Hendrick's wonder strike and winning second balls was a real problem for the team as a whole, not just in the box.

Leicester will also play very directly so AFCB have little time to find some answers. Leicester may go more over the top and look to get Vardy running on than the balls aimed to land around the 18 yard line, which was Burnley's tactic. Yet, AFCB need to recognise that teams are not going to always try and play through the midfield to get at the back four and solutions are now required. I'd favour AkΓ© playing just in front of a back four, mopping up those loose balls especially when away from home. What Eddie decides to do though is going to be something pundits will look out for, as it seems Andrew Surman is still some way off before returning.

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  1. Time for changes at the back...let's try mings. .he is tall...we have leaked nine goals in last three games and that cannot continue as we will be ducked into a relegation battle....the Liverpool result could be the absolute worst result of the season as it gives a false impression of where the team is at....sorry to be a half glass person but I have a horrible feeling about where we might end up