Sunday, 11 December 2016

AFCB need Boruc back to his top form

The return of Artur Boruc against Liverpool had it's ups and downs and the story did not get any better at Burnley when he saw another three goals go past him. Fans may feel that Burnley's second goal and third could have been dealt better with had Boruc been in as hot a form as he was at the start of the season, but he'll see this as test that he'll want to turnaround very quickly.
Can Artur get back to earning clean sheets?
Keeping out shots from Arsenal, Liverpool and Burnley was going to be a challenge and with Federici and Boruc sharing the duty of minding the goal, the outcome was disappointing but perhaps does not point to keepers being in the dock. While going one-nil down against Burnley was not too devastating at the time, considering the strong way AFCB tried to go about the game, it was a crushing second goal and with Boruc and Callum Wilson not getting near enough to the ball to make a clearance, Burnley were really gifted the chance to get themselves well ahead in the game.

Artur still pulled out a good save in the second half from AndrΓ© Gray and his handling has been solid. AFCB need him to be more dominant though and to be commanding the back four again. A confident and masterful Boruc is the route to an AFCB side that can live with the very best and his form helped win many of the early points this season. It may be that with Boruc coming back and Charlie Daniels coming back in as well as Adam Smith moving out of the back four that the continuity has just been lost.

A special strike from Jeff Hendrick up at Burnley will have been a really difficult moment of the game for Artur and he may well have still had that on his mind when the second goal went in. To be beaten from distance is always a knock back, but losing against Burnley in such away may just get Artur back in that top form zone which could really help AFCB now.

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