Thursday, 8 December 2016

AFCB's cutting-edge is back

Scoring four goals at home on any day is a good return. While Eddie would probably be pleased to win a few games just 1-0 or 2-0, you can't find it more enjoyable than to come out on top of a seven-goal thriller. Comebacks are starting to be an Eddie Howe signature with the memorable reverse against Millwall a few seasons ago, and last season's Everton thriller, but to do it against Liverpool made the result on Sunday very special indeed.
Callum is starting to find goals since taking over
the penalty kicks. Can he now get some from open play?
Looking at the table, the goals for column has rapidly started to grow for the Cherries with 19 from their 14 games. It is not an easy league to average higher than 1.75 goals a game, but the Cherries are nudging up towards that at 1.36 goals a game now. AFCB are scoring at the same rate as Man Utd and better than Everton and Stoke City, who are above them, so there is good potential for AFCB to climb higher in the table yet.

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The shots stats will have looked very different at half time to what they did at the end of the game against Liverpool and I imagine the last 15 minutes of the game saw a rapid number of shots for Karius to save. In the end, getting eight shots on target would normally put any team in a good position to win a home game, and the disappointing stat for Artur Boruc will be that Liverpool only got three shots on target all game and we know where they all ended up!

While the goals have been coming from all over the team, there is one player at the moment that needs a goal more than most - Afobe. He was much brighter though in the last math and while he was unlucky for his one-on-one with Karius, it would have made it an even better day had Benik scored. So there is still work to do in front of goal, but the appetite for scoring suddenly looks a whole lot better, especially with Callum feeling that he is going to net when ever he comes up to the penalty spot.


  1. With the Burnley game coming up its time to come back to earth quickly as this is a must win game for the we messed up against Sunderland and Middlesborough...three points from those two games would have put us level with Man Utd....

    For us to establish ourselves in Premier League..teams like Burnley are a must win ....and maybe we could start with the eleven who finished the game against Liverpool...

    With Leicester coming up who are in disarray...six points over the next two games would propel us out of any concerns about relegation and sights can be reset to a looking for Europe..

    With Millwall away in FA Cup after the debacle of Preston which eleven will the manager choose

  2. You have to be careful looking at goals/game, 10 of the 19 have been in 3 matches. Take those out and it looks very different