Saturday, 17 December 2016

AFCB - just look to enjoy the Saints game - oh and win it!

It is great now that AFCB fans can look forward to such a game knowing that they have been closing the gap on their near-neighbours. Rather than see this 'derby' as a grudge match or a rivalry that is starting to brew, I am hoping that the AFCB players at least can start to feel that they are at least as competitive as those who wear the Saint's shirts and that they can play with a bit of freedom, considering that AFCB's league position is very pleasing going into the game.

This is the game AFCB fans want to win.
There has to be pressure on the players to perform, but for once it can be a positive and pleasing moment that AFCB approach this match with nothing to fear. Last season there was a credible win for each side, and while I'd love AFCB to win against the Saints home and away, I did not mind it so much that the points were shared last season as playing Southampton is such a rare occasion that it's just great that people even talk about it as a southern derby. Without a derby you kind of feel that you are missing some of the football story when you go to games all season and while I have not seen many of these derby's it does add an extra bit of excitement to the day. 

I think the Saints can start to look upon AFCB as something a little more than a team tugging at their ankles these days. Okay, we aren't Pompey - so what. This is the best game you're gong to get on the south coast this season and hopefully for many to come as well. As the games start to become a more regular feature, I think they will grow their own stories and that's what we will be there to see happen on Sunday to add to the history of the games between the sides in the past.
At least pretty much everyone gets to be at home a little quicker on days like these. Oh, well not me. And I expect quite a few other exiles who will enjoy the day travelling down. UTCIAD!

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