Friday, 9 December 2016

AFCB are raising their game for the big teams

There was a sense of pride and also frustration in Simon Francis' voice when he talked about how he felt AFCB are now raising their game for the big teams, and yet have found that getting points against those in the lower half of the division has been where the problems have come this season. He was thinking back to Sunderland, Middlesbrough and West Ham perhaps, but taking on every side poses different problems and AFCB have to be up for their next opponents as much as they were for Liverpool.
The wee man has done well and Arter and Wilshere will be keen
to give him more opportunities to score against Burnley.
Burnley themselves have hit good form against the top teams, and may be it is just an inconsistency that the top six sides are finding when they visit teams that have a burning desire to prove themselves in the Premier League. Beating a top team though brings confidence, and yet that is what AFCB have been lacking in some matches when coming off the back of wins when they have to next play lower opposition. Eddie will have to find ways to motivate the players more for some of the games where AFCB are favourites to get at least a point from the game.
Burnley is a game where I'd say either team can hit their stride and take the game away for the other team, and either team could have a bad day and gift a win. Whether we will see a high quality game is hard to know, but I expect these kind of matches to be very high energy games with endless attacks, and maybe a mistake or two just because of the frantic pace of play.

Eddie How will have been pleased though with the games against Arsenal and Liverpool. To get three points from those two games is not massive, but it is clearly better than two draws and more than most AFCB fans would have hoped for. AFCB can't play such teams every week though and a long journey up to Burnley is hard for dedicated fans, and AFCB's players need to perhaps think about that when they step out at Turf Moor. 

of course we wish Harry Arter all the best for this weekend as he has his and his partners devastating loss this time last year to carry and I'm pleased Burnley fans are going to reach out to him in the eight minute of the game. That will be great to hear.

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